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No, I'm not Dean E. Easton the wildlife biologist (though we're apparently both about the same age), or Dr. Dean Easton the diagnostic radiologist, or any of the other 40-some Dean Eastons on Facebook, or even Dean Easton the manatee expert. They sound like fine people, but we're really not the same person, unless you believe in bilocation.  And not even then.

Mostly, I'm this Dean Easton:

B&W sketch

At least, that's how one of my students sees me, and other recognize me from his sketch.

So if you do write me as me, and not as someone else with the same name, I welcome your comments and suggestions (flames deleted unread), and will reply if you provide a working email address.

Got a subject?  To help distinguish you in all your glorious individuality from evil nasty horrible cyber wannabe bots, put your actual subject in the subject line, so my spam filters will actually pass it on to me rather than trashing it outright, as they also do all those ads featuring Nigerian inheritances,Viagra discounts and those urgent missives by outraged political partisans of either extreme.

d e a n e a s t o n, attached to @yahoo.com.  If you're human, you know how to put it all together and actually reach me.


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