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Updated:  22 Jan 2012

NOTE: Undergoing minor editing to improve formatting and standarize orthography.

The lexicon includes derivational and inflexional affixes (listed first) followed by approximately 3500 entries.  Verbs appear in 3rd person singular.  The text contains a few minor editing glitches, repetitions, and inconsistences such as the (older) use of y for j.  Words are identified for part of speech for those unfamiliar with the morphology, though the very regular word-formation rules of Dingwa should make this largely redundant in most cases.


aj: adjective

av: adverb

cj: conjunction

deriv:  derivation; derivational affix

inflex: inflexion; inflexional affix

lw:  loanword

n: noun

pn: pronoun

pp:  preposition

sfx: suffix

v: verb

vi:  verb -- intransitive

vt: verb -- transitive



*-a: noun sfx (inflex)
*-ag-: caus. sfx (deriv)
*-al-: locational sfx; “place of x” (deriv)
*-am-: compounder sfx (deriv)
*-aw-: past tense sfx (deriv)
*-awn-: privative sfx; “-less” (deriv)
*-bi (sfx): “with”; instrumental noun sfx (inflex)
*-den (sfx): “from”; ablative noun sfx. (inflex)
*-do (sfx): “to”; allative noun sfx. (inflex)
*-edu, -du (sfx): time (inflex)
*-ei: adj sfx (inflex)
*-en (sfx): 3rd plur sfx (inflex)
*-en-: past part sfx (deriv)
*-esn- (sfx): ? noun suffix. peresna, derkesna. (deriv)
*-etr-: instrument sfx (deriv)
*-ge (sfx): to/for dative noun sfx (inflex)
*-i (sfx): noun plural sfx. (inflex)
*-ikl- (sfx): tending to. (deriv)
*-im-: ordinal sfx (deriv)
*-is: 2nd pers sfx (inflex)
*-is-: fut. tense sfx (deriv)
*-ist-ei: superlative sfx. Alt. form –otmei (deriv)
*-it: 3rd pers sing sfx (inflex)
*-ite: 2nd pers plur sfx (inflex)
*-its-: diminutive sfx (deriv)
*-kom: “with” comitative n sfx (inflex)
-m:  accusative noun sfx (inflex)
*-o: 1st pers sing sfx (inflex)
*-omes: 1st pers plural sfx (inflex)
*-omn-: pres. pass. participle sfx. (deriv)
*-on: 3rd pers plur (inflex)
*-ong-: augmentative sfx. (deriv)
*-ont-: pres. act. participle sfx.; onta person; ontei adj. (deriv)
*-ost-: abstract sfx (deriv)
*-otm-: superl adj sfx (deriv)
*-otr-: comp adj sfx (deriv)
*-otw-: gerundive sfx; -ible, -able. (deriv)
*-s: plur sfx (inflex)
*-su: in; locative noun sfx (inflex)
*-u: adv sfx (inflex)
*-uk-: agent sfx; -er, -ist, -tor (deriv)
*-ul-: desiderative sfx; “wanting to” (deriv)
*-un-: inchoative verb sfx (deriv)
*-us-ei: past perf. participle sfx.  –uvsei. (deriv)


-A- [Back]

a: noun sfx
abola (n): apple
aboladerwa (n): apple tree
abragit (vt): strengthen
abrei (aj): strong
abrosta (n): strength
abrunit (vi): become strong
adagit (vt): bring near
adei (aj): near
adeibuwuka (n): neighbor
adit (vi): vi be near, on hand
adosta (n): nearness
adotwei (aj): approachable
adu (av): near, close
adunit (vi): vi become near, approach
ag (sfx): causative sfx
aga (n): cause
agei (aj): causal
agit (vt):  fears.  see bi
agit (vt): cause, compel
agmena (n): movement, procession
agra (n): field
agrawerga (n): agriculture
agrawergiklei (aj): cultivatable
agrawergit (vt): cultivate, farm
agrawerguka (n): farmer
agritsa (n): plot, patch, garden
agu (av): because
aguna (n): lamb
aina (n): morning
ainakanta (n): matins, morning song
ainamemsa (n): breakfast
ainei (aj): morning, matutinal
airagit (vt): vt makes early, hasten
airei (aj): early
airosta (n): earliness
aisa (n): metal, brass, copper
aisei (aj): metallic, brazen.  ajesno/a
aiwa (n): era; eon, age, long (life). ajuwa
aka (n): point, thorn
akawnei (aj): thornless
akma (n): top, point, tip, peak
akmawnei (aj): topless, pointless
akmenei (aj): tipped, pointed
akuja (akja, aja) (pn): someone
akuwa (akwa, awa) (pn): something
al (sfx): “place of” sfx
ala: nourishment, food
albaga (n): whitening
albagit (vt): whitens
albei (aj): white
albosta (n): whiteness
albuna (n): whitening
albunit (vi): become white
algwei (aj): worthy, meriting of
algwit (vt): earns, deserves, merits
alit (vt): nourishes, feeds
aljagit (vt): change, alter
aljagotwei (aj): changeable
aljei (aj): other
aljobidontei (aj):  heterodox; of different belief
aljodeiwei (aj): having other gods, heterodox
aljodeiwosta (n):  heterodoxy
aljodingwei (aj):  having another language
aljogenesei (aj): foreign, of other kind
aljomenesei (aj):  other-minded, having other thoughts
aljosta (n): otherness
alju (av): otherwise, else
aljubidontei (aj):  heterdox
aljukwena (n): translation
aljukwit (vt):  translate
aljukwuka (n): translator
aljunit (vi): to change, alter vi
alka (n): sacred grove
almena (n):  food. var. aloma
almenit (vt):  feed
almenitsa (n): morsel, bite. var. alomitsa
almenitsit (vt): nibble
alwa (n): beer
amba (pn):  both.  Amba trijei kweilaisu gumaawen.  Both arrived within three hours.
ambei (aj): both.  Ambei kolnas bujot skunei.  Both mountains are beautiful.
ambu (av):  both. Fortuna ambu gumit i ejit.  Fortune both comes and goes.
Amerika (n):  America
Amerikagit (vt): Americanize
Amerikei (aj): American
Amerikuka (n): American
ana (n): breath
anaga (n):  artificial respiration
anagetra (n): respirator
anagit (vt): make breathe, give artif. respir.
anawnei (aj): breathless
anawnosta (n): breathlessness
anda (n): flower
andit (vi): flower, bloom
angwagit (vt): tightens s.t.; makes narrow; constricts s.t.
angwei (aj): narrow, tight
angwosta (n): narrowness, tightness
angwunit (vi): tightens, narrows
anit (vt): breathe
anitsa (n): gasp, gulp of air
anitsit (vt): gasp, gulp air
anjagit (vt): change st.
anjedu (av): at another time, one day
anjei (aj): second, other
anjit (vi): change, become other
anotwei (aj): breathable
ansa (n): favor, esteem, regard
ansawnei (aj): impartial
ansawnosta (n): impartiality
ansit (vt): favor, esteem, regard well
antropologja (n): anthropology. neragigna
anu (av): again, back
anuagiklei (aj): repetitious
anuagit (vt): repeat
anubosa (n): reappearance
anubosit (vi): reappear
anubruga (n): reuse
anubrugit (vt): reuses
anubrugotwei (aj): reusable
anudana (n): repayment, return gift
anudanit (vt): give back, return, repay
anuderka (n): review, reexamination
anuderkit (vt): review, re-examine
anudosa (n): replacement
anudosit (vt): reposition, put back, return s.t., replace
anuduna (n): echo, resonance
anudunit (vi): echo, resound
anuejit (vi): go again
anuenkurpaga (n): reincarnation
anuenkurpagiklei (aj): tending to reincarnate
anuenkurpagit (vt): reincarnate
anugenta (n): rebirth
anugentaga (n): regeneration, causing rebirth
anugentagit (vt): regenerate, cause to be reborn
anugentit (vi): be born again
anugigna (n): recognition
anugignit (vt): recognize
anugignotwei (aj): recognizable
anuguma (n): return
anugumagit (vt): bring back; return s.t.
anugumit (vi): return
anuguwit (vt): recall, revoke; repeat. Alt: -gowit
anugwiwagit (vt): reanimates; resuscitates s.t.
anuira (n): resurrection
anuiragit (vt): resurrect s.o.
anujunaga (n): rejuvenation
anukenagit: restarts s.t.
anukura (n): redoing, remaking
anukurit (vt): redo, remake
anumentit (vt): reconsider, rethink
anunewaga (n): renewal
anunewagit (vt): renew; makes new again; renovates
anunuda (n): reuse
anunudit (vt): reuse
anuplenagit (vt): refill
anusenwit (vt): reattempt, retry
anusmera (n): memory, remembrance, recall
anusmeragetra (n): prompter, cue
anusmeragit (vt): remind
anusmerit (vt): recall, remember
anustatagit (vt): replace, reposition, relocate st.
anuswona (n): echo. sun-
anuswonawnei (aj): anechoic
anuteksa (n): rebuilding, reconstruction
anuteksit (vt): rebuild, reconstruct
anuudeja (n): reascension, resurrection
anuudejit (vi): rises again, reascends
anuukwa (n): repetition
anuukwit (vt): repeat
anuwida (n): reexamination, review
anuwidit (vt):  review. anuderkit
apa (n): attainment, reaching
apan (pp): after, behind; ago. Apan penkwei wetsai: five years ago
apanagit (vt): delay, postpos/ne, put after
apanalmena (n): dessert; cud, regurgitant
apanbana (n): afterword, epilog
apanbasa (n): trace, shadow, afterimage
apandanka (n): afterbite, remorse
apandankawnei (aj): remorseless
apanderka (n): aftersight, hindsight, reflection
apanderkit (vt): reflect, consider
apandigwit (vt): suffix
apandinamedja (n): afternoon.  apandindja.
apandogwa (n): ember
apandogwit (vi): smolder. degwa
apandosa (n): postponement, postposition
apandosit (vt): postpone, defer, put after, postpose
apandu (av, cj):  since
apanei (aj): posterior, hind
apangigna (n): afterknowledge, hindsight
apangredit (vt): retreat
apangumit (vt): succeed, follow
apanguwa (n): epilog, afterword. Alt: -gowa
apangwiwa (n):  afterlife; survival
apangwiwit (vt): survive, live after
apangwiwuka (n): survivor
apankana (n): aftersong; postlude
apanluja (n): washing
apanlujit (vt):  wash off
apanmenta (n): afterthought, reflection, consideration
apanmentit (vt):  reflect
apanosta (n): posterity
apanpika (n):  postscript
apansmaga (n):  aftertaste
apanu (av; cj): afterward, after, subsequently
apanunda (n): aftereffect, ripple
apanwida (n): hindsight
apenei (aj): reached, attained, accomplished
apesa (n): absence
apesit (vi): be absent
apit (vt): reaches, attains.  apnit
apo (pp): away
apsa (n): aspen
ara (n): altar
ardwagit (vt): straighten, right (s.t. fallen)
ardwei (aj): straight, upright
ardwosta (n): straightness, uprightness
arena (n): plowed land
aretra (n): plow
aretruka (n): plowman
arga (n): silver. argenta
argei (aj):  silvery
argentakama (n): greed, avarice
argentawnei (aj): poor, impoverished
argonta (n): silver, money
arit (vt): plows
arta (LW) (n): art
artuka (LW) (n): artist
aruka (n): plowman
astronomja (LW) (n): astronomy (sternawidja)
atra (n):  fire
atrei (aj):  fiery
augei (aj): additional
augit (v):  see veget
augu (av): also, furthermore, in addition
aujit (vt):  perceive. auwit
aula (n): hollow, pipe, cavity
aun-: privative sfx; (noun)-less.
aunei (aj): lacking
aura (n): air
aurei (aj): airy
ausa (n): ear
austa (n): east, dawn. ausra, austra
awei (aj): plain, clear; obvious; evident, apparent
awn (sfx): -less; privative sfx
awnei (aj): lacking (sfx). vagei
awu (av): clearly, plainly, obviously; openly

-B- [Back]

ba, bau: yes, indeed
baba (n): bean
baga (n): beech
bagaderwa (n):  beech tree
bagit (vt): share, distribute
bagonta (n):  disbributor
baguwa (n): assent, agreement. Alt: -gow
baguwit (vi): assent, agree, say yes
bagwa (n): arm
balda (n): worship, reverence. blad-
baldadoma (n): worship-house, temple
baldakira (n): worship leader
baldiklei (aj): reverent
baldit (vt): worship, revere
baldonta (n):  worshipper; reverent
balduka (n): worshipper
bana (n): word.  bama
banabosei (aj): frank
banamilei (aj): word-gentle
bananogunei (aj): direct, frank, unadorned
banawnei (aj): wordless
bangwagit (vt): thickens s.t.
bangwei (aj): thick
bangwosta (n): thickness, denseness
bangwunit (vi): thickens vi
banka (n): bank
barda (n): beard
bardawnei (aj): beardless
barkwenei (aj): stuffed, crammed
barkwit (vt): stuff, cram
basa (n): appearance
basagit (vt): bring to light, make appear, expose, demonstrate, show st.
basamentei (aj): selfconscious
basamentosta (n): selfconsciousness
basit (vi): show, appear. see bas
batla (n): story
batlit (vt): tell a story
batluka (n): storyteller
baukwa (n): assent
baukwit (vi): assent, agree, say yes. baguvit
bajit (v): (2) shows, appears. bas, bos
bajit (vt): (1) speak, say
be (pp): to
bebruwa (n):  beaver.  bebrowa
belga (n): stomach, bag, belly
belgaguwa (n): ventriloquism. Alt: -gowa
benda (n): connection, bond
bendit (vt): tie
bera (n): burden, thing carried
beragit (vt): burden s.o.; -o tu tere mowei problemas.  I burden you with (lit. by) my problems
berga (n): protection, defense
bergawnei (aj): undefended, defenseless
bergetra (n): protector, guard, shield
bergit (vt): protect
bergotwei (aj): defensible
berguka (n): guard, protector
berit (vt): carry
beruka (n): porter
berwa (n):  edible herb?
berwagit (vt): make s.t. boil.  Berwagawo owya: I boiled an egg.
berwit (vi): boil, seethe. bruy-
besa (n): touch, rub, concern
besotwei (aj): tangible, concrete
biblioteka (n): library
bida (n): belief, trust
bidagit (vt): convince
bidaljei (aj):  heterodox; of different belief
bidawnei (aj): diffident, untrusting
bidit (vt): believe, trust
biljeta (n): ticket.  (LW)
bima (n): fearing, fear, being afraid
bimagit (vt): frightens
bimawnei (aj): fearless
bimawnosta (n): fearlessness
bimiklei (aj): timid, fearful
bimit (vt): fears
binga (n): heap, pile
bingagit (vt): heaps st.
bingit (vi): heaps up, piles up
biologja (LW) (n): biology  (gwiwostawidya); gwiwagigna
blejit (v):  blow. see blojit
blemit (vi): swell, be proud
bliga (n): streak, flash
bligit (vi): flashes, streaks
blinagit (vt): appalls, makes pale
blinei (aj): pale
blinosta (n): pallor, paleness
blinunit (vi): pales
blosa (n): bloom, flower
blosabana (n): flower words, flattery
blosit (vi): bloom
blojit (vi): blow, swell, bloom, leaf out
bodit (1): strike, beat
bodit (2):  digs
bogwa (n): flight, escape
bogwagit (vt): puts to flight, sends running away
bogwit (vt): flees, runs, escapes from
bogwonta (n): fugitive, refugee
bolaga (n): strengthening
bolagit (vt): strengthens
bolei (aj): strong
bolosta (n): strength
bolja (n): leaf, flower, page
boljaruja (n): leaf-fall, autumn
boljunit (vi): leafs out, comes into leaf
boretra (n): drill, borer
borgwei (aj): gruff, curt
borgwosta (n): gruffness, curtness
borit (v): bore, drill
bosagit (vt): strips, clears
bosei (aj): bare, naked
bososta (n): bareness
bojit (v):  strike
braga (n): break, fracture, breech. brog-
braga (n): smell, odor
bragagit (vt): break s.t.
bragiklei (aj): fragile
bragit (vi):  smells
bragit (vi): breaks intr.
bratra (n): brother
bratragora (n): fraternity
bratrei (aj): fraternal
bregwagit (vt): heightens, elevates s.t.
bregwei (aj): tall, prominent
bregwosta (n): height, tallness, prominence
brema (n): edge, border, boundary
bremakagla (n): boundary stone, marker
bremawnei (aj): borderless, unbounded
bresagit (vt): hasten so.
bresei (aj): fast, quick
bresit (vi): hurry, hasten
bresosta (n): quickness, speed
bresunit (vi): accelerates, becomes fast(er)
brigei (aj): high, raised
brijetra (n): razor
brijit (v): shave, scrape
broma (n):  roar
bromit (vi):  roar
brugawnei (aj): useless, joyless
brugit (v): use, enjoy
brunagit (vt): browns s.t.
brunei (aj): brown
brunosta (n): brownness
brununit (vi): browns vi.  Bolja brununit.
bruwa (n): brow
budagetra (n): alarm, waker, rouser
budagit (vt): wake s.o.
budiklei (aj): wakeful, restless
budit (vi): wakes up intr
budit po swopa: wakes from sleep
budmena (n): bottom, basis, ground. var. bund-a
budmenadosit (v): found, establish
budmenadosonta (n):  founder
budmenawnei (aj): bottomless, abyss
budmenit (v): ground, base, found
buga (n): bending
bugagit (v): (1) put to flight
bugagit (v): (2) bends s.t.
bugit (vi): (1) flee, run
bugit (vi): (2) bow, bend
buja (n): being, becoming
bujakukla (n): wheel of becoming
bujit (vi): become. bowit, bewit
butla (n):  dwelling
butlawnei (aj): homeless, nomadic, hobo
buwagit (vt): settles so.; colonizes
buwaguka (n): colonist, settler
buwala (n): residence, dwelling-place
buwastata (n): address ?
buwit (vi): dwells, reside. Alt: bowit
buwuka (n): resident

-D- [Back]

daba (n): accommodation, adaptation
dabagit (vt): adapts s.t., makes fit, accommodates
dabit (v): fits, is appropriate, proper
dakruwa (n):  tear
dakruwagit (vt): make weep, cry
dakruwamudei (aj):  tearstained (derksna)
dakruwei (aj): teary, weepy
dakruwit (v):  crying
dala (n): flower, bloom
dalit (v): leafs, buds
dana (n): gift
danagit (v):  give gifts
daniklei (aj): generous
daniklosta (n): generosity
danit (vt): gives
danka (n): bite
danketra (n): tusk, tooth
dankit (vt): bite
dankitsa (n): nibble, gnaw
dankitsit (v): nibble
danuka (n): giver, donor
dapa (n): exchange feast
dapit (v): exchange
darwei (aj): generous. daniklei
darwosta (n):  generosity
dawit (v):  burns
dajit (v): gives. see danit
dajura (n):  brother-in-law
degwagit (vt): burns s.t.
degwit (vi): burns, smolders
deiwa (n): god/dess
deiwablada (n):  worship. bladya
deiwadana (n): divine gift, grace;  proper name -- Theodore; Dorothea
deiwadanenei (aj):  god-given
deiwadoma (n): shrine, temple
deiwaga (n): deification
deiwagentenei (aj):  born of a god
deiwagentenei (aj): god-born; divine
deiwagit (vt): deify
deiwagora (n): pantheon
deiwaljei (aj): having other gods, heterodox. aljodeiwei
deiwaljosta (n):  heterodoxy
deiwanenei (aj): god-breathed, inspired
deiwapolja (n):  city of the gods
deiwawida (n):  theology
deiwawnei (aj): godless, atheist
deiwawnosta (n): atheism
deiwawnuka (n): atheist
deiwei (aj): divine, godly, godlike
deiwosta (n):  divinity
deiwuka (n): priest, devotee of a god
deja (n): sucking
dejit (v):  suck.  see delet
deka (1) (n): ten.  Deka nerais – ten of the men
deka (2) (n): receiving
dekadwa (n): twelve
dekakwetura (n): fourteen
dekanowa (n): nineteen
dekapenkwa (n): fifteen
dekaseksa (n): sixteen
dekasepta (n): seventeen
dekatriya (n): thirteen
dekawetsa (n): decade. v. wetsadeka
dekei (aj): ten.  Dekei neras apiyawon doma.  Ten men left the house.
dekenowa (n): nineteen
dekesei (aj):  acceptable
dekima (n): a tenth
dekimei (aj): tenth
dekit (v):  receive
dekoina (n):  eleven
dekokta (n):  eighteen
deksei (aj): right (< - > left); south
deksna (n): south
deksnausta (n): southeast
deksnawekera (n): southwest
del (pp): for, on behalf of; for a night = dun nokti. dli
deldosa (n): substitute
deldosit (v): substitute
delga (n): owing
delgit (v):  owes
delguwa (n): advocacy. Alt: delgowa
delguwit (v): advocate
delguwuka (n): advocae, proponent
delgwona (n): champion
delgwonit (v):  champion s.t.
delit (v):  sucks. see dejet
delkuruka (n): agent, surrogate
delukwa (n): advocacy
delukwit (v):  advocate
delukwuka (n): advocate, supporter, spokesman
delurgit, delwergit (v): serve as an agent, work on behalf of
delwerguka (n): agent, advocate, supporter
demagit (vt):  tame s.t.
demei (aj):  tame
demit (v): builds
demokratei (aj): democratic
demokratosta (n): democracy
demokratuka (n): a democrat
demosta (n): tameness
dempota (n):  houselord
demuka (n): builder
den: “from” ablative n sfx
densei (aj): learned, intelligent
densit (v): teach, learn
denuwa (n):  milk cow
deretra (n): holder, support
dergit (v):  holds
derit (v): hold, supports, grasps
derka (n): seeing, looking
derkagit (vt): show
derkit (v): see, look
derksna (n): face
dersagit (vt): embolden
dersei (aj): bold, daring
dersit (v): dare, be bold
dersosta (n): boldness
dertla (n): support, prop, stay
dertlagit (vt): support, prop up
desna (n): shrine, temple
desnjei (aj): devout, pious
digwit (v): fix, stick, place, attach
dija (n):  division; discrimination; shining
dijit (v): (1) distinguishes, perceives
dijit (v): (2) shines
dika (n): showing, indicating, direction
diketra: pointer, indicator
dikit (v): point out, show; indicate
dikuka (n):  guide
dina (n): day
dina i dina: day by day
dinadolgei (aj): for a day; day-long
dinamedja (n): midday, noon. *dindja
dinamemsa (n): (mid)day meal
dinarima (n): date (day number)
dinei (aj): daily, daytime
dingit (v): shape, mold, knead, form
dingwa (n): tongue, language, speech
dingwaljei (aj):  having another language
dingwasengenta (n):  language cognacy
dingwawida (n):  linguistics. gigna
dingwawiduka (n): linguist
dingwei (aj): lingual, linguistic
dingwit (v): speak
dinokwa (n): day's eye, sunflower
dinu (av): by day, daily
dinuna (n):  dawning
dinunit (v):  dawns; becomes day
diplomatika, diplomatja (LW) (n): diplomacy
direi (aj): intelligent; perceptive
dirosta (n): intelligence; perception, perceptiveness
diwit (v): shine
diwontei (aj): shining
djewa (n): sky. diu. djowa, djuwa.
djewapolja (n):  sky-city
dli: for. alt:  deli
do (pp):  to(ward); (cj) until
do nuk: yet, still (to now)
dobera (n):  bringing
doberit (v): bring, adduce, fetch
dobraga (n): adjustment
dobragit (v): adjust, acclimate s.t.
dobrei (aj): fitting, appropriate
dobrosta (n): propriety, fitness
dodigwa (n):  affix
dodigwit (v):  affixes
dodosa (n): addition, supplement
dodosei (aj): additional, supplemental
dodosit (v): add, put to, supplement
dodu (av, prp?):  until
doduka (n): attraction, adduction
dodukiklei (aj):  attractive
dodukit (v): adduces, attracts
dogesa (n): sticking, adhesion
dogesiklei (aj): tenacious, adhesive
dogesit (v): adhere, stick
doglija (n):  adhering
doglijiklei (aj):  adhesive
doglijit (v): adhere, stick to
doguma (n): arrival
dogumit (v): approach, arrive
dogwagit (v): burns s.t.
dogwit (v): burns, smolders
dogwona (n): offensive, attack, assault
dogwonit (v): attack
dogwonotwei (aj): assailable, attackable
dogwonuka (n): attacker
doiga (n): mold, shape, form. see ding
doigawnei (aj): formless, shapeless, amorphous
doigawnosta (n): shapelessness
doigit (v): mold, form, shape. see ding
doklina (n): favor, liking, inclination
doklinagit (v): endear, win favor, incline
doklinit (v): favors
doklinontei (aj): favorable, clement, inclined
doktora (n): doctor. (LW)
dokumenta (LW) (n): document
dola (n): piece; part.  Dola i dola
dola i dola: piece by piece
doladana (n): distribution
doladanit (v): share, distribute
dolara (n):  dollar.  (LW)
dolgagit (v): lengthen s.o.
dolgajuwei (aj): longlived
dolgei (aj): long
dolgobagwei (aj):  long-armed
dolgosta (n): length, longness
dolgosta su: along (+ gen)
dolgunit (v): lengthens
dolja (n): piece, share, part, portion  Dolja i dolja
doljadana (n): distribution
doljadanit (v): share, distribute
dolkwagetra (n): sweetener
dolkwagit (v): sweeten s.t.
dolkwei (aj):  sweet
dolkwosta (n):  sweetness
dolkwunit (v):  it becomes sweet.  Abelas dolkwunon.
doma (n): house
domagora (n): hamlet, neighborhood
domanawa (n):  houseboat
domatekna (n): domestic; house servant
domawnei (aj): homeless
domuka (n): lord, householder
donta (n):  tooth
dontakrowa (n): gum
dontakukla (n):  gear
dontarota (n): gear
dontawnei (aj):  toothless
dontuka (n): dentist
dorwa (n):  tree.  see derwa
dorwadoma (n): treehouse
dorwagora (n): grove, thicket, copse
dosa (n): position, setting, placement
dosit (v): put, place, set
dotudit (v): impel, push toward
doukwa (n): hail, address, salute
doukwit (v): address, hail, salute
dousa (n): lack, fault
dousit (v): lacks
dowit (v): die, choke
drena (n): hum, vibration
drenagit (v): vibrate s.t.
drenit (v): hum, vibrate
drojit (v):  runs. drajit
droma (n): running
dromit (v): run
druga (n): lie, deception, injury
drugit (v): injure, deceive
druna (n): wood
drunei (aj): wooden
drusit (v): hurt, fall
druwa (n): trust. drowa
druwagit (v): reassures, makes to trust
druwenei (aj): firm, trusted
druwit (v): trust
druja (n): trust. Alt: druwa
drujit (v): trust, stand firm. Alt: druwit
du/edu (sfx): time; adverbial sfx
dubaga (n): deepening
dubagit (v): deepens s.t.
dubei (aj): deep
dubosta (n): depth
dubuna (n): deepening
dubunit (vi): deepens
dugagit (v): fit st., adjust to make appropriate
dugit (v): be fit, appropriate, is proper, is of use
dujit (vt): continue; last; keep verb+ing; persist; endure
Dujo statja edi do movei prija gumit.  I keep standing here until my friend comes.
dukit (v): pull, lead
duktera (n): daughter
duma (n): smoke
dumagit (vt): smokes st.; puts in smoke, cures
dumam pojit (v): smokes (cigarette).  Sigaretam dumpojit.
dumampoja (n): smoking
dumei (aj): gray, smoky
dumit (v): smokes; gives off smoke
dumrei (aj): gray, smoky
dumrunit: grays
dun (cj, pp): while, during
dun: during; for (a time). Dun aina during the morning; for the morning
dundurit (v): thunders, rumbles
dunit (v): sound
dura (n): door
durei (aj): lasting, persisting
durkla (n): fork
durklit (v): forks
durosta (n): persistence
dusa (n): lack.  dousa
dusa (n): spirit, vapor, steam
dusaljagit (vt): pervert, change ill
dusawnei (1) (aj): blameless, faultless
dusawnei (2) (aj): breathless
dusbrugit (vt):  misuse
dusei: (?) ill, bad
dusgignaga (n): mis-, disinformation
dusgignagit (vt):  misinform. gignaget
dusit (1) (v): breathe, smoke, steam
dusit (2) (v): lack, fault, blame
duskluwa (n): ill fame, infamy
duskluwei (aj):  infamous
duskrijiklei (aj):  indiscriminate
duskrijit (vt): judge poorly, misjudge
duskunit (v):  profane. kwen
duskurpsei (aj): ill-bodied, formed. alt:  -krepsei
dusmenesa (n):  ill-temper
dusmenesei (aj): ill-tempered
dusnuda (n):  misuse
dusnudit (vt): misuse
dusprija (n):  dislike
dustorpa (n): suffering
dustorpit (vt):  suffer
duswerta (n): accident, mishap
duswertit (vi): turn out ill, have an accident
dwa (n): two. Dwija.  Alt: dwowa
dwadeka (n): twenty
dwadekimei (aj): twentieth
dwadingwei (aj): two-tongued
dwadu (av): twice. dwiju, dwu
dwadugentenei (aj): twice-born
dwaimei, dwimei (aj): second
dwajugei (aj): double-jointed
dwakenta (n): two hundred
dwakukla (n): bicycle
dwakuklit (v): bicycles
dwakukluka (n): bicyclist
dwapedei (aj): biped, primate
dwarotei (aj): two-wheeled. bicycle
dwaunit, dwunit (v): doubles
dwawetsei (aj): biannual, ennial
dwei (aj): two (aj). dwijei
dwejit (v): doubles s.t.
dwijit (v): fears, frightens
dwirei (aj): fearful, frightened
dwirosta (n): fear, terror
dwora (n):  door; portal.  Alt: dwera
dworuka (n): doorman

-E- [Back]

e (pr): this
edagetra (n): feeder
edagit (vt): feed
edina (n): today; (ewei) dina
edinu (av): today
edit (vt): eats
edotwei (aj): edible
edotwosta (n): edibility
edulei (aj): wanting to eat, hungry
ega (pn):  I. see men
egena (n):  day.  see din
egera (n): lake, pond
egosta (n): selfishness, vanity, egotism
eguka (n): egoist
egukei (aj): egotistic(al)
ei (sfx): adjective suffix on nouns
ejagit (v): send
ejaina (n): this morning. < ejei aina
ejala (n): entrance
ejapandindju (av): this afternoon
ejawnei (aj): causeless, for no reason
ejei (pr/aj): this
ejenei (aj): gone, left, departed
ejilei (aj): active, motive
ejit (vi):  goes
ejonta (n): goer, traveler
ek (pp): from, out of.  alt: eks, es
ekonomja (n): economy. “market science” (LW)
ekonomjei (aj): economic
ekonomjuka (n): economist
eksperta (LW) (n): expert
ekspertosta (LW) (n): expertise, expertness
ekta (n): outside; exterior
ekwa (n):  horse/mare
ekwadroma (n): horserace
ekwadromuka (n): charioteer, horseracer
ekwagora (n): herd
ekwagwonuka (n):  cavalryman
ekwakorja (n):  cavalry
ekwanera (n): horseman. ekwuka
ekwatekna (n): groom
ekwei (aj): equine, horsy
ekwopula (n): foal
elektrika (n): electricity.  (LW)
elektrikei (aj): electric(al)
embeja (n):  circuit
embejit (v): avoid, evade, circumvent
embi (pp):  around. cf peri
embikula (n): circulating, servant
embikulit (v):  circulates
embilegonta (n): circumstance, surroundings
embimejetra (n): perimeter, girth, circumference. embimetra
embimejetrei (aj):  circumferential; trojo/a. embimetrei
embiseda (n): occupation, siege. sedja
embisedit (v): besiege, occupy
embisruwit (v):  circulate (liquid). Alt: -srow
embjukwa (n):  circumlocution
en (pp/av): in(to)
en (sfx): past part. pass. sfx
enabrosta (n):  inner strength
enana (n): inhalation, inspiration
enanit (v): inhales, breathes in
enbagwit (v):  embrace
enbera (n):  import
enberit (v): import
enblosit (v): inflate
enbugei (aj):  concave
enbugontei (aj): concave
enbuwit (v): settles, inhabits. enbowit
enbuwonta (n): settler, inhabitant
enbuwotwei (aj):  inhabitable
endigwit (v): infix
endomagit (vt): to house so./st.
endomit (v): houses
endorga (n): containment, inhibition
endorgit (v): contains, inhibits
endosa (n): implant, insertion, input
endosit (v): input, implant, insert
endra (n): egg, testicle
enduka (n):  retraction
endukit (v): retract, pull in, draw in
eneja (n):  entrance
enejit (v): go in, enter
engambetra (n): container, restraint
engambit (vt): hold in, contain, restrain
engena (n): oil, butter. see smorso
engentenei (aj): inborn, native, inherent
engesa (n):  inhering
engesit (v):  inhere
engigna (n): instinct, intuition, insight
englija (n):  inhering
englijit (v): inhere
enguda (n):  infusion. engouda
engudit (v): infuse, pour in
engumagit (vt): introduce, bring in s.t.
engumala (n): entrance
engumit (v): enter
enguwit (vt): invoke, call in. alt: -gowa
engwona (n): mutiny, revolt, coup
engwonit (v): mutiny, revolt, coup. gvon
enjagit (vt): alter, change
enjei (aj): second
enkistit (vt): box st.
enkludit (vt): enclose, shut in
enkuklagit (vt): put into a cycle, encycle, make part of a cycle
enkurpaga (n): incarnation
enkurpagit (vt): incarnates, manifests, incorporates, embodies st.
enkurpesagit (vt):  incarnate; embody.  enkurpes
ennawagit (vt): load (ship)
ennawit (v): embark
ennebesagit (v): obscures, enclouds
enokta (n):  tonight. e(jei) nokta
enoktu (av): tonight (av)
enpatagit (v): open in
enpijit (vt): drink in, imbibe, absorb
enpleka (n):  involvement
enplekenei (aj): involved, intricate, complex
enplekit (vt): involve, weave in
enseka (n): notch, incision
ensekit (vt): notch, incise
ensruwa (n): tributary. Alt: srow-
ensruwit (vt): flow into
enstuda (n): impression
enstudit (vt): impress, press in
enta (n): inside, within, interior
entuda (n): impress, mark
entudit (vt): press into, leave mark
enweba (n):  involvement
enwebit (vt): involve, implicate
enwida (n): insight, inner knowledge. enuidya
enwidawnei (aj): without insight
epa (n): reach, achievement, accomplishment
epawnei (aj): unaccomplished, amateur, novice
epera (n):  boar (wild)
epit (vt): reach, obtain. epnit.  See ap-
eraga (n):  raising
eragit (vt):  raises. orto/a risen
erba (n): inheritance
erbagit (vt): bequeath, leave as inheritance
erbit (v):  inherit
erbonta (n):  heir
erbuka (n): heir, inheritor
ereda (n): half, side. erd-a
eregusa (n): this evening. < ejei regusa
eregwa (n): evening. regusa, ergusa, ergwa
eregwamemsa (n): supper, evenmeal
eremagit (vt):  distinguish, separate
eremei (aj): divided, separate
ergit (v): mount
erit (v):  rises.  ernut
ersei (aj):  wandering
ersenei (aj): wandered, random
ersit (v):  wanders
ersonta (n):  wanderer
esa (n): being
esit (v): is
esna (n): blood
esnagit (vt):  bleed s.t. vt.
esnarudrei (aj):  bloodred
esnasmajenei (aj): bloodspattered, spotted with blood
esnasruwa (n): bloodflow, haemorrhage. Alt: srow-
esnasruwit (v):  bleed. esnagudit
esnawnei (aj): bloodless, pale, lifeless
esnei (aj): bloody
esnit (v): bleeds
esuna (n):  autumn
esunei (aj):  autumnal
eti (pp): beyond, over
etibidontei (aj): overbelieving, credulous, trusting
etibrukenei (aj): overused, exhausted. etinudnei
etidorsei (aj):  overbold
etieda (n): overeating, gluttony
etiedit (v): overeat,  glut, gorge
etiedonta (n):  glutton
etiejit (v):  exceed
etiejontei (aj):  excessive
etigaurei (aj): overproud, vain
etigradit (v): overstep, exceed
etiguda (n): overflow
etigudit (v):  overflow
etigwiwa (n): survival
etigwiwit (v): survive, live beyond
etigwiwosta (n):  survival
etikroijei (aj): priceless, beyond price
etimeja (n): excess
etimejetra (n): excess. etimetra
etimejetrei (aj): excessive. etimetrei
etimejit (v): exceeds
etinudenei (aj): overused, used up
etipekwit (v):  overcook.  pekut
etipibit (v): overdrinks
etiplenagit (v): overfill, stuff
etiprusit (v): freeze up, through, solid. polprusenoi
etipruswa (n):  permafrost. polprusva
etisatei (aj): jaded, disgusted with excess
etisenei (aj): ancient, antique, obsolete. etisenekei
etisenosta (n):  antiquity. etisenekosta
etisomei (aj):  identical. polsomei
etisusei (aj): parched, dried out
etiswopit (v): oversleep
etiwegit (v): overgrow, grow out of
etiwerga (n): overwork
etiwergit (v): overwork
etr (sfx): instrument sfx
Europa (n): Europe.  (LW)
Europagit (v): Europeanize
Europei (aj): European
Europuka (n): European (person)
ewa (n): this one.  edina; ejaina, enokta.  Eja bu skirei doma.
ewaina (n):  this morning. ejaina
ewainu (av): this morning
ewei (aj): this.  Ewei doma bu skirei.
ewna (n): air.  ewra
ewnadosit (v):  air s.t.
ewnagit (v): airs st.
ewnagwonuka (n): airman, airsoldier
ewnakorja (n):  air force
ewnanawa (n): airship, airboat, airplane
ewnawnei (aj): airless, stuffy
ewnawnosta (n):  vacuum
ewnei (aj): airy

-F- [Back]

fabrika (LW) (n): factory
fantastika (LW) (n): fantasy
fantastikei (LW) (aj): fantastic
filosofja (LW) (n): philosophy.  Xluba; Xprija
filosofjuka (n): philosopher. Xlubuka; Xprijuka.  vidalubuka?

-G- [Back]

gabala (n): head, peak, crown
gaida (n):  goat
gajit (v): proud of, takes pride in (dat.). gau(j)it.  See gaurit
galada (n):  hail. galda
gamba (n): hold, grasp
gambit (v): hold, grasp, take, accept
gambotwei (aj): acceptable
gandit (1) (v):  holds. Lat (pre)hend
gandit (2) (v): stinks, smells
gansa (n):  goose
gansapula (n): gosling
gawra (n): pride
gawragit (v):  makes proud
gawrei (aj): proud, exultant
gawrit (v): exults, rejoices
gawrosta (n):  pride
gazetta (n): gazette, newspaper LW
ge (sfx): “to/for” dative n sfx
gelit (v): yells, shouts
gelnagit (v): makes green
gelnargei (aj):  silvery green
gelnei (aj):  green. gelenei
gelnunit (v): greens.  Boljai gelnunen.
gelnurda (n): yellow root, carrot
gelwa (n):  turtle
gemera (n):  son-in-law
genja (n): race, nation, ethnos
genta (n): birth
gentadina (n): birthday
gentaga (n): generation, begetting, giving birth
gentagit (v): generate, beget, cause to exist, gives birth, engender
gentagonta (n): genitor, parent
gentakaikei (aj):  birthblind
gentanogudei (aj):  birthnaked
gentastata (n):  birthplace
gentei (aj): natal, native
gentesa (n): race
gentesaljei (aj):  foreign, of other kind
gentesei (aj): racial, native
gentit (v): be born
gentja (n): country, people, race, nation
genwa (1) (n): chin (smokru), knee
genwa (2) (n): knee
genwabendit (v): kneel, bend the knee
genwadosa (n): kneeling
genwadosit (v):  kneels
geografja (n): geography LW
geologja (n): geology (degmenawidja) LW
geometrija (n): geometry.  gonameja-gigna/widja
ger/gir (pp): without
gerit (v):  be awake. gigrit
gerit (v): collect,  gather.  gorit (to match other roots)
gerit (v): wear out
gerna, grana (n): corn, kernel, grain
geronta (n): gatherer,  collector
geronta (n): old man
gers(w)it (v): protrude, stick out
gersa (n): hand
gersagurwei (aj): heavyhanded
gersakurtei (aj):  handmade
gersapatnei (aj): openhanded
gersaskuta (n):  glove
gersawagei (aj): emptyhanded
gersawagosta (n): emptyhandedness
gesa (n):  sticking
gesit (v):  stick
gesla (n): thousand
geslakira (n): general; head of a thousand
geslei (aj): thousand
geslimei (aj): thousandth
gi (pp): of
gigna (n): knowing, knowledge
gignaga (n):  information
gignagit (v):  inform
gignit (v): knows (how)
gignosta (n): knowledge
gigragit (v): alert s.o.
gigrei (aj): alert < ger
gigrit (v): be alert, awake
gija (n): urging, stirring
gijetra (n): goad, urge
gijetrit (v): urge, goad
gijit (v): urge, stir, move
gila (n): ravine, cavern
gima (n): winter
gimabolja (n):  winterflower
gimandesa (n):  winterflower
gimapastei (aj): winter-fast (of ships, etc.)
gimaprusa (n):  hard freeze
gimaswopa (n): hibernation
gimaswopit (v): hibernates
gimei (aj):  wintry. gimaro/a
gina (n): yawn, gape
ginagit (v): makes yawn, bores
ginit (v): yawns, gapes
gir (pp): without
giraga (n):  deprivation
giragit (v): deprives
girei (aj): without, lacking
girgisei (aj): w/o yesterdays, memories, regrets
girgwiwei (aj): lifeless. gvivavnei
girit (v): lacks
girsnubei (aj): single, without a spouse
gisa (n):  yester(day).  gjes
gisadina (n): yesterday. gizdina
gisamentei (aj): nostalgic, reminiscent
gisamentontei (aj): nostalgic
gisanokta (n):  last night. gisnokta
gisawetsa (n): last year. giswetsa
gisla (n):  vein
gisu (av): yesterday
glewa (n):  merriment
glewit (v):  be merry
glewonta (n):  merrymaker
glijit (v): sticks, adheres
glijontei (aj): sticking, adhering
gloma (n): ball, clump, glob
glomit (v): balls up, clumps
glorei (aj): yellow, green
glorunit (v): yellows.  Bolja glorunit.
glubit (v): peel, cleave
gnajit (v): know.  gignit
gnomena (n): symbol, sign
gnomenaberontei (aj): significant, symbolic
go (pp):  of; go(n)
goisnei (aj): afraid
goisnosta: (n) fear
golagit (v): chills s.t.  Prusa vinam golagit.
golei (aj): cold; cool
golokista (n): ice chest, fridge
golosta (n):  coldness. gol
golota (n): ice
golunit (v):  cools off
golwagit (v): corrupt st/so
golwei (aj): clever, wicked. gvelu
gomba (n): peg, tooth
gona (n): angle, bend, joint
gonamejagigna (n): geometrija
gonamejetra (n): protractor
gonei (aj): angular. Be sa bu gonei derksna.  S/he has an angular face.
gonit (v): bends
gora (n): group, collective; gathering; assembly
gorit: gather, assemble
gosta (n): stranger, guest
gostadoma (n): hotel; hostel, guesthouse
gostapota (n): host, guestmaster
gostapotosta (n): hospitality
gostaprijei (aj):  hospitable
gowa (n):  cow. gwowa
gowa (n): speech, talk
gowagora (n): herd
gowakerdija (n):  cowherd
gowamemsa (n):  beef
gowarima (n): word count
gowei (aj): bovine
gowerei (aj): bent, curved.  gowrei.  See guro
gradit (v): steps; is graded
gramatika (n): grammar
gramatikei (aj): grammatical
grana (n): corn, grain
greba (n): scratch
grebit (v): digs, scratches
gremit (v):  rumble. gromit
grijit (v): spreads, smears
grima (n): smearing, spreading, ointment
grisa (n): edge
gruwa (n): crane, stork. gerano/granug
guda: pour(ing)
gudit (v): pour
guga (n): hump, ball
guja (n):  pouring
gujit (v):  pours. guvet
gula (n): liquid, juice, pouring
guma (n): coming, advent
gumagit (v): fetch, bring, make come
gumit (v): come
gumona (n): earth
guna (n): woman
gunagentei (aj): mortal, born of woman
gunagit (v): feminize
gunei (aj): womanly, feminine
gunei putla (n): female child; girl
gura (n): curve, bend
gurakagit: (v) makes hungry
gurakei (aj):  hungry
gurakosta: (n) hunger
gurdwagit (v):  slow s.t.
gurdwei (aj): slow, sluggish
gurdwosta (n): slowness, sloth; sluggishness
gurdwunit (v):  slows
gurit (v): eats, swallows
gurja (n):  wild animal
gurjawidja (n):  biology
gurnei (aj): heavy
gurnit (v):  praises; gurnet
gurnosta (n): weight, heaviness
gursa (n): morsel, bite, piece
gursit (v): nibble, bite
gurwaga (n): burdening, weighing
gurwagit (vt): burden, make heavy, weigh s.t. down
gurwei (aj): heavy, serious
gurwokerdei (aj): heavyhearted,  dejected
gurwokwei (aj): heavy-eyed, sleepy
gurwosta (n): heaviness, weight, gravity
gusa (n): taste, decision
gusit (v): tastes, decides, tries, chooses
guwit (v): call, say. See gow-
gwalit (v):  throws. see je-, ji-
gweda (n): entreaty, prayer.  Kluse wrejas go mewa gweda.
gwedit (v): prays, entreats
gwekwit (v): sparkles, twinkles
gwesetra (n): snuffer, extinguisher
gwesit (v):  extinguishes
gwetuwa (n): sap, pitch.  gwetwa
gwija (n):  bow
gwita (n): life
gwitawnei (n): lifeless
gwiwa (n): life
gwiwadolgei (aj):  lifelong
gwiwaga (n): animation, enlivening
gwiwagit (v): animate, enliven
gwiwamogagontei (aj):  life-empowering
gwiwawnei (aj): lifeless
gwiwei (aj): alive, living
gwiwit (v): lives
gwiwoputlei (aj):  having living children
gwiwosta (n): aliveness, vitality
gwolit (v): goes astray, deceives
gwona (n): fight
gwonagiklei:  provocative, antagonistic
gwonagit (v): antagonizes, makes fight, incite, provoke
gwonanawa (n): warship, battleship
gwoniklei (aj): pugnacious
gwoniklosta (n): pugnacity
gwonit (v): fight
gwonitsa (n): skirmish, quarrel
gwononta (n): fighter, soldier, warrior
gwonuka (n): fighter
gwonulei (aj): pugnacious, feisty
gwormaga (n): warming, heating
gwormagetra (n): heater
gwormagit (v): heats, warms s.t.
gwormei (aj): warm, hot
gwormokerdei (aj): warmhearted, compassionate
gwormokerdosta (n): warmheartedness, compassion
gwormokwei (aj): hot-eyed. okwagurmei
gwormomejetra (n):  thermometer. gurmametra
gwormosta (n): heat, summer
gworna (n): oven, stove, furnace
gwowa (n): cow

gwowapula (n): calf
gwraja (n): thank
gwrajit (v): praise

-H- [Back]

hotela (n): hotel LW

-I- [Back]

i (cj): and
ida (n): wood, fire, burn
ijo: go
ikaga (n): endowment, grant
ikagit (v): endow, grant
ikit (v): owns, possesses
ikl (sfx): tending to sfx.
ikonta (n): owner, possessor
im (sfx): 1st plur sfx
im (sfx): ordinalizer sfx. for numbers
ima (n): entrance
indeuropei (aj): Indo-European (language) LW
indeuropuka (n): Indo-European (person) LW
indit (v):  burns. insti
ingwa (n): butter, oil, grease
interesa (n): interest LW
interesit (v):  interests LW
interesontei (aj):  interesting LW
ira (n): rising
iragit (v): raises
irit (v): rises
is (pp): out. See ek-
is (sfx): 2nd sing sfx
is (sfx): future tense sfx
isagit (v): lowers s.t., brings down
isana (n): exhalation, death
isandit (v):  bloom
isanit (v):  exhales
isbera (n): export
isberit (v): exports, carry out
isduketra (n): extractor
isdukit (v): extract, pull out of
isei (aj): low, base
iseja (n): exiting. Alt: isiya
isejala (n):  exit
isejit (v): go out, exit
iserei (aj): divine, holy. isrei
iserosta (n): divinity, holiness
isgrabit (v):  digs out
isgujit (v): pours out, effuses
isgumit (v): exits, comes out
isguwit (v): summon, evoke. isgowit
isgwalit (v): throws out, eject
islega (n):  choice
islegiklei (aj): selective, choosy
islegit (v): choose, select
isosta (n): lowness, baseness
isostagit (v): debone (fish, etc.)
ispatagit (v): open out
ispleka (n): unweaving, explanation
isplekit (v): untangle, explain, unweave, extricate
isrepit (v):  snatch out
isseka (n):  excision
issekit (v):  excise
isstudit (v): extrude, expel
ista (n): outside, without
istei (aj): superl. sfx
istorja (n): history
istudit (v): extrude, expel
isukwa (n): evocation, summoning
isukwit (v): evoke, call out, pronounces
isunit (v): becomes low
it (sfx): 3rd sing sfx
ite (sfx): 2nd plur sfx
itna (n):  journey
itnalatsei (aj):  travelweary
itnit (v): travels, journeys
its (sfx): diminutive sfx
itsa (n): a bit, a little
iwe, iwau (pp):  as, like. Nera iw-? deiwa basit.

-J- [Back]

ja (pn): who, which, that.  relative
jagesa (n):  holiness
jagesei (aj):  holy
jagjaga (n):  sanctification
jagjagit (v): hallow, sanctify
jagjei (aj):  holy
jagjosta (n):  holiness
jagnagit (v): hallows, sanctifies s.t.
jagnei (aj): holy
jagnosta (n): holiness
jagnuka (n): saint
jakit (v):  to heal
jakonta (n):  healer
jebit (v):  copulate
jebonta (n):  copulator
jegwa (n): vigor, vitality, youth
jegwagit (v): vitalize, invigorate
jegwei (aj): vital, vigorous, youthful
jejit (v):  throw.  jijet
jekuna (n): liver. Alt: jekura
jesa (n):  fermentation
jesit (1) (v): boil, seethe, ferment
jesit (2) (v): gird, belt
jesmena (n): belt, girdle
jetla (n): missile, spear, javelin
jetlaberonta (n):  spearbearer
jetlapastei (aj): skewered, stuck on a spear
jewesa (n): law. Alt. jusa, jewa
jewesuka (n): lawyer
jobagit (v): breed, mate s.t. to s.t.
jobit (v): copulates
jobulei (aj): horny, lusty, randy
jodu (av): when
jolkei (aj): what kind of
jowa (n): what
jowi (pn): who
ju (pn): you (pl)
juda (n): fighting, provocation, instigation
judaga (n): inciting
judagit (v): incite, set fighting, instigate, provoke
judiklei (aj): pugnacious
judit (v): fight, urge
juditsa (n): squabble
juduka (n): fighter, urger
judulei (aj): pugnacious, quarrelsome
juga (n): yoke, joining, unification
jugenei (aj): joined, even (number)
jugit (v): join, yokes, unites
jugmena (n):  joint
junei (aj): young. juwenei
junosta (n): youth
jusa (n): juice, sap
jusawnei (aj): juiceless
jusei (aj): juicy

-K- [Back]

kafeja (LW) (n): cafe
kaga (n): hook, claw
kagit (v): hooks, claws
kagla (n): rock; stone, hail
kaglit (v): hails, stones
kaglitsa (n): pebble, stone
kaikagit (v): blind s.o.
kaikei (aj):  blind
kaikosta (n):  blindness
kaikuplenei (aj): blindfull, drunk
kailei (aj): whole, finish
kajit (v): wants, desires
kama (n): desire
kamagwesenei (aj): dispassionate; “desire-quenched”
kamapenei (aj): desireattained, satisfied, gratified
kamastarei (aj): resolute, determined
kamawnei (aj): dispassionate, desireless
kamit (v): desire
kanaga (n):  sound
kanakei (aj): yellow, tawny
kandit (v):  shines
kankrei (aj):  hard
kankrosta (n):  hardness
kanta (n): singing, song
kantit (v): sings. kanit
kantowja (n):  songbird
kantuka (n): singer. Alt: kanuka
kapit (v): hold, grasp
kapota (n): head. kira
karei (aj): dear, beloved, desired
karosta (n): dearness, belovedness
kasit (v):  cut
kasna (n): gray, rabbit
katolikei (aj): catholic
ke (cj):  and; v. i
keiwei (aj):  dark
kelagit (v): hasten, speed s.t.
kelei (aj): fast
kelit (v): (1)  lifts, raises. kelsit
kelit (v): (2) covers, protects
kelma (n): cover, protection
kelsei (aj): high, raised
keluwa (n):  cover
kemija (LW) (n): chemistry
kemsa (n): shirt. Alt: kemisya
kemsawnuka (n): descamisado
kemtja (n): hind, doe. See kerw-
kena (n): beginning, start
kenaga (n): initiation
kenagit (v): initiate, start st.; open (meeting)
keninei (aj): new, recent, young
kenit (v): begin, start. See konit.
kenkit (v): hang, waver
kensit (v): pricks, pokes
kenta (n): one hundred
kentakira (n): sergeant, head of a hundred
kentakorjana (n): centurion. kentakira
kentei (aj): one hundred.  Kentei ludai
kentima (n): hundredth, penny
kentimei (aj): hundredth
kenu: at first, for a start, in the beginning
kenuka (n): beginner, novice
kerda (1) (n): heart, center
kerda (2) (n): herd. Alt: kerdja
kerdabosei (aj): frank
kerdadosa (n): trust, belief
kerdadosit (v): believe, trust. + be-
kerdagambontei (aj): arresting, “heart-grabbing”
kerdagolei (aj): cold-hearted
kerdagurmei (aj): fervent, passionate, hothearted
kerdagurwei (aj): heavy-hearted, dejected
kerdawnei (aj): heartless
kerduka (n): herdsman, herder
kerna (n):  horn.  kornu. kornwa
kerwa (n): deer
kerwitsa (n): fawn
kesetra (n): knife
kesit (v): cuts
kewra (n): north. kewrei weja north wind
kewrastera (n): north star, polaris
kewrausa (n): northeast
kewraweja (n):  northwind
kewrawekera (n): northwest
kibrei (aj): quick, violent
kibrosta (n): quickness, violence
kida (n): fall, collapse
kidagit (v): fell, make fall, bring down
kidit (v): falls
kigit (v): hurries, hastens
kinema (LW) (n): cinema
kingwa (n): bow, bend
kingwit (v): bow, bend
kira (n): head. Alt: kapota
kiraskuta (n): cap, hat
kiraunei (aj): headless
kista (n): box, chest, trunk
kiwa (n):  color
kiwit (v): colors
klagit (v): call, shout, complain. klajit; klagro/a
klasa (n): class
klawa (n): key
klawakludit (v): lock
klawapatagit (v): unlock
kleba (n): bread
klepit (v): steal. Alt: klopit
klepuka (n):  thief
klewesa (n): fame, repute, hearing. Alt: klusa, klowa
klewesei (aj): famous. alt klusei
klija (n): slope, leaning, inclination, favor
klijit (v):  lean
klina (n):  lean, slant
klinit (v): leans, inclines
klowa (n): fame, report, rumor, word
kludit (v):  closes
klujagit (v): announce, proclaim, make hear
klujit (v): listens, hears.  kluve
klujonta (n):  listener
klujotwei (aj): audible
kobuga (n): hawk, eagle
kolna (n): hill, mountain
kolnagora (n): mountain range
kolnanera (n): mountaineer. V. kolnuka
kolnapolja (n):  mountain city
kolnei (aj): hilly, mountainous
kolnuka (n): mountaineer, mountain-dweller
kolokola (n): bell
kolokolit (v): rings
kolpa (n): gulf, bay

kom: with comitative n sfx
komedja (LW) (n): comedy
komedjei (LW) (n): comic, comedic; see komikei
komika (LW) (n): comic, comedian
komikei (LW) (aj): comic, comedic
kompujetra (LW) (n): computer
komunisma (LW) (n): communism
konit (v): begins.  See kenit
konkagit (v): suspend s.t.
konkit (v): hang
kopa (n): handle
korja (n): army
korjakira (n): general
korjana (n):  general; koryakira
korjega (n): general. koryakira
korjitsa (n): squad, troop
kraga (n): rock. kagla
kragei (aj): rocky
kratwagit (v): harden, make strong, firm up
kratwei (aj): hard, strong, firm
kratwosta (n):  hardness
krewa (n): flesh, meat.  krowa
kridla (n):  sieve. krijetra
krija (n): separation, discernment
krijetra (n): separator, sieve
krijit (v):  separate. krin
krina (n): purchase, buy
kriniklei (aj): tending to buy
krinit (v): buy
krito/a (n): separate, discrete
kroija (n): price, cost
kroijawnei (aj): free, without price, gratis
krowa (n): flesh, meat.  kruwa
krowedontei (aj): carnivorous
kroweduka (n): carnivore
krowei (aj): fleshy, meaty
kruga (n): back. krunga
krugei (aj): dorsal
krugostja (n): backbone, spine
krugostjawnei (aj): spineless
krusei (aj): cold, frozen. See prus-.
ktejit (v): rules, has power. kse
kudit (v): hides
kudu (av): when?
kuja (pn): who?  kja (spoken form) [var. kwija]
kukla (n): wheel, circle. Alt: kwekla
kuklei (aj): circular
kuklit (v): revolve, wheel, circle
kula (n):  turn
kulit (v): revolve, circle, turn
kulkei (aj): what kind of; what sort?
kuna (n): dog
kunadoma (n):  doghouse
kunapula (n): pup, whelp. V. kunitsa
kunei (aj): canine, dog
kunitsa (n): pup. V. kunapula
kura (n): action, result, deed
kuragit (v): catalyze
kurit (v): do; make
kurotwei (aj): doable, possible
kurpa (n): (1)  turn
kurpa (n): (2) body
kurpawnei (aj): bodiless, incorporeal
kurpei (aj): corporeal, bodily
kurpit (v):  turns
kuruka (n): doer, actor, maker, factor, agent
kusit (v): whets, sharpens
kutera (pn): which of two. kutra
kutja (n): how many?
kuwa (pn): what? kuna.  kwa ? spoken form
kuzda (n): treasure, hoard
kuzduka (n): treasurer
kwentaga (n): sanctification, hallowing
kwentagit (v): sanctifies, hallows
kwentei (aj): holy
kwepsa (n): steam, vapor
kwepsei (aj): steamy, vaporous
kwetura (n): 4; four. Alt: kwetra
kweturadeka (n): 40; forty
kweturagesla (n): 4000
kweturakenta (n): 400; four hundred
kweturimei (aj): 4th; fourth
kweturogonei (aj):  rectangle
kweturopetsei (aj):  fourfooted
kwija (n):  rest
kwijit (v):  rests
kwila (n): time, hour, moment, instant. Alt: kweila
kwilawnei (aj):  timeless
kwilei (aj): temporal, temporary
kwina (n): price, penalty
kwinit (v):  pays
kwisa (n): whisper
kwisit (v): rustle, whisper
kwoina (n): price, punishment
kwoinaunei (aj): priceless, unpunished
kwoinei (aj): costly, punitive
kwoinit (v): costs; punishes

-L- [Back]

lada (n): fatigue. Alt: latsa

ladagiklei (aj): tiresome, fatiguing
ladagit (v): fatigues s.o.
ladei (aj): tired. Alt: latsei
ladit (v): be tired
ladosta (n): fatigue
lalit (v):  babbles
lampa (n): lamp, light
leda (n):  permission
lediklei (aj): permissive
ledit (v): allow, permit
ledotwei (aj): permissible, allowable
lega (n): choice
legagit (v): lay, cause to lie, settle, place
legit (1): chooses
legit (2): lies
legwagit (v): lightens s.t.. lengw-
legwei (aj): light. lengw
legwunit (vi): lightens. lengw
leksika (LW) (n): lexicon, word list
lembit (v):  hangs down
lenda (n): back
lentei (aj): pliable, flexible
lentunit (v):  become flexible
lida (n): game, playing
lidiklei (aj): playful
lidit (v): plays
liduka (n): player
liga (n): form, shape
ligit (v): ties, binds
likwit (v): leaves
lingit (v):  lick
linja (LW) (n): line
logika (LW) (n): logic
logikei (aj): logical
logna/loga (n): bed
lopa (n): peel, scale, leaf, flake
louka (n): world, place, clearing
lubagit (v): endears, enamor, seduce
lubei (aj):  dear
lubiklei (aj): affectionate
lubit (v): loves, likes
ludit (v):  grow
ludja (n): people, person
ludjagora (n): crowd, mob
ludjamengei (aj): populous
ludjamortaga (n):  genocide
ludraga (n): liberation
ludragit (v): frees s.o.
ludraguka (n): liberator
ludrei (aj): free
ludrosta (n): freedom, liberality
lugit (v): mourn, lament
lugotwei (aj):  lamentable
luguka (n): mourner, lamenter
luksna (n): lamp, light
lusagit (v): empties
lusei (aj):  empty
luwetra (n):  washer
luwit (v):  washes

-M- [Back]

m:  accusative n sfx
ma (n): maja, maista; more, greater
ma (pn): I. ega mes/megei/mem/mebi/mesu/meden
ma somei (aj): like me
magwa (n):  young boy. Maguva
magija: magic
magijuka: magician
makrei (aj): thin, long. makara
maldit (v): pray, address ritual to god
mana (n):  hand. mvr/mvnes
mankit (v):  kneads
mankit (v): it is missing; it lacks
mankit po me I am missing, I lack. Mankit po me satei argenta.
matematika (LW) (n): mathematics; rimawidja; rimagigna
matja (n): hoe, club. matak-a
matra (n): mother.  matera
matrajebuka (n):  (insult) motherfucker
matrei (aj): motherly.  materei
mazda (n): pole, rod
medesa (n):  measure
medesei (aj): moderate, measured
medirei (aj):  wet
medirosta (n):  wetness, humidity
medit (v):  measures
medja (n): center, middle
medjagit (v): to center, place in middle
medjasu: between, among (+gen)
medjei (aj): middle, central
medjei skola (n): middle school
medjodingwa (n):  interlanguage
Medjogenja (n):  middle country
medjogredei (aj): midgrade, intermediate
medjostaja (n):  neutrality
medjostajentei (aj): intermediate, neutral
medurei (aj): honeyed, sweet
medurosta (n):  sweetness
medwa (n): honey, mead
medwodingwei (aj):  honeytongued
meglagetra (n): magnifier, enlarger
meglagit (v): enlarge, amplify, magnify, expand s.t.
megleda (n):  gluttony; gorging
meglei (aj): large,  big,  great
meglodwora (n): main door, gate
meglopolja (n): large city, capital
megloskola (n): high school, university
meglosoda (n): main way, road; highway
megluduka (n): glutton
meglunit (vi): increases, enlarges
mejetra (n): measure. metra
mejetrawnei (aj): immoderate, unmeasured. metrawnei
mejetrei (aj): measured. metrei
mejit (v):  1) measures.  v. mimet
mejit (v): 2) mows, cuts
mejonta (n):  mower; measurer. see mime(je)n
mejotwei (aj): measurable
melgit (v): squeeze; milk
melinei (aj): blue
melinokwei (aj): dark/blue-eyed
melit (v):  grinds
melonta (n):  grinder
melsna (n): powder, dust
memsa (n): food, meat, flesh
memsakwila (n): mealtime
memsedontei (aj):  carnivorous
mena (pn): I. short form ma
menagit (v): leave behind, bequeath
menda (n): fault, mark
mendosa (n): attention, learning, study
mendosiklei (aj):  studious
mendosit (v): attends, learns, studies
mendosonta (n):  student
menesa (n): thought, mind
menesei (aj):  mental
menga po mogo kurtja more than I can do
mengaga (n): multiplication, increase
mengagit (v): multiply s.o., make many
mengedu: often, frequently
mengei (aj): many, much
mengodei (aj): frequent
mengodosta (n): frequency; oftenness
mengoludjei (aj):  populous
mengoplekei (aj): manifold, complex
mengosta (n): quantity
mengoswenei (aj): polyphonous,  many sounds. swenomengo/a
mengotworei (aj): polymorphous, many-formed. tworomengo/a
mengu: much; very
mengunit (v): become many
meniklei (aj): patient
meniklosta (n): patience
menit (v): remain, stay
menota (n): moon, month
menotei (aj): lunar; monthly
menta (n): thought, mind. 
mentadosit (v): attends to, studies; alert to; + be
mentaguka (n):  adviser
mentaljei (aj):  otherminded
mentangwei (aj): narrowminded. angvomentei
mentapastei (aj):  resolute
mentastarei (aj):  steadyminded
mentawagei (aj): emptyminded, thoughtless
mentawnei (aj): thoughtless, without consideration
mentersontei (aj): thoughtwandering, unfocussed
mentiklei (aj): pensive, thoughtful
mentit (v): think. meno
menunkit (v):  learn
Meregwa* (n): a name
mergwagit (v): shorten
mergwei (aj): short, brief
mergwosta (n): brevity
mersa (n): part, piece.  mersa i mersa “piece by piece”
mersadanit (v): share, distribute, apportion
mersei (aj): partial
mersu (av): partly, partially, piece by piece
metwa (n): meadow, cutting
mezga (n): dipping, immersion
mezga (n): net, mesh, knot
mezgagit (v): immerses, submerges st
mezganawa (n): submarine
mezgit (v): (1) dips, dives, submerges
mezgit (v): (2) knits, entwines
migla (n):  mist
miglei (aj): misty, cloudy
migwa (n): change
migwawnei (aj): changeless
migwit (v): changes
milei (aj): soft, gentle, kind, dear
miljona (n): million
milosta (n): softness, gentleness, kindness
milunit (v): softens
minga (n): feces, urine
mingei (aj): shitty, crappy
mingit (v): defecate, urinate
minwagit (v): diminish, reduce st.
minwei (aj): less, fewer
minwit (v): reduce, diminish, lessen. minwunit?
minwosta (n):  smallness
minwu (av): less.  Minwu skunei less beautiful
minwunit (v):  diminishes
miragit (v): improve st.
mirei (aj): good
mireibasei (aj):  fine-seeming
mirosta (n): goodness
mirukurnei (aj):  well-made
miruna (n): improvement
mirunit (v): improves
mirutworei (aj): well formed, proportioned
miskenei (aj):  mixed. Alt: miksenei
miskit (v):  mixes. Alt: miksit
miskotwei (aj): mixable. Alt: miksotwei
mitsei (aj): reciprocal, mutual
mitsosta (n): reciprocality, mutuality
mizda (n): money, reward, pay, hire
modra (n): blue, madder
moga (n): ability, potential, power, potency
mogaga (n): enabling
mogagit (v): enable, empower
mogaguka (n): enabler
mogawnei (aj): unable, powerless, impotent
mogawnosta (n): impotence, powerlessness
mogit (v): is able, can
mognei (aj):  possible
mognosta (n):  possibility
mogu (av): perhaps, maybe
moinagit (v): publish, share
moinei (aj):  common
mojei (aj):  made of. sfx
mojosta (n): composition, ingredients
moju (av): more. moju junei po me:  younger than me.
moksei (aj): imminent
moksu (av):  soon
moldwaga (n): softening
moldwagit (v): soften s.t. moldujonoi
moldwei (aj):  soft
moldwosta (n):  softness
moldwunit (v): soften
molma (n): dust, powder, sand
molmei (aj): dusty
mona, monja (n): neck
mora (n): sea, ocean
morei (aj): marine, sea
morga (n): country, land, boundary, border. Alt: morgja, merega
morguka (n): native, citizen
morgwaga (n): shortening, abbreviation
morgwagit (v): shorten, abbreviate.
morgwei (aj): short, brief
morgwosta (n): brevity, shortness
morgwunit (v):  shorten
moritsa (n): lake
moroga (n): great ocean
morowja (n): seabird, gull
morta (n): death
mortabima (n):  fear of death
mortagiklei (aj): fatal, deadly
mortagit (v): kill; deaden
mortaguka (n): killer, murderer
mortapolja (n):  necropolis
mortei (aj): dead
mortiklei (aj):  deathly
mortit (v): die
mortogentei (aj):  stillborn
mortuka (n): corpse
mortukagora (n): cemetery
mortukakista (n): casket
mortulei (aj): wanting to die
morwja (n):  ant
mowa (n): dirt, mud
mowagit (v): dirty, besmirch
mowei (aj): dirty, muddy
mowei (aj): my. Alt: mewei
mozga (n): marrow, pith, brain
mregwei (aj): short, brief
mregwosta (n): brevity, shortness
mudei (aj): damp, wet, dirty
mujit (v): keep silent, mutter
mukagit (v): silence, mute
mukei (aj): silent, mute
mukit (v): be silent
mukosta (n): silence
musa (n):  concealment
musa (n): mouse
musika (LW) (n): music
musikei (aj): musical
musikuka (n): musician
musit (v): hide, conceal
mutei (aj): silent, mute, muttered

-N- [Back]

naja (n): help, aid
najawnei (aj): unaided, alone
najit (v): helps
najonta (n): aid, assistant
nankei (aj): sufficient, enough. nanku
nankit (v): reach, suffice. na(n)kta
nasa (n): nose
nasei (aj): nasal
nawa (n): boat, ship
nawabrega (n): shipwreck
nawaga (n):  sailing
nawaga (n): sailing
nawagalgwontei (aj): seaworthy (?)
nawagit (v):  sail a boat
nawagora (n): navy, fleet
nawaguka (n):  sailor
nawagwonuka (n): sailor, sea-warrior
nawakira (n): prow, captain
nawakorja (n):  navy; fleet, ship-army
nawakorjuka (n):  sailor; seaman
nawastadla (n): dock
nawastadma (n): dock, harbor
nawit (v): sail, “boat”
nawuka (n): sailor
nawukagora (n): crew
ne (av): no, not
nebajotwei (aj): infandus, unspeakable
nebesa (n): cloud
nebesei (aj): cloudy
nebesit (v): cloud, obscure
nebesunit (vi): clouds up, become cloudy
neda (n): knot, tie
nedit (v): tie, net
nedu (av):  never
nedwei (aj): non-dual
nedwosta (n): nonduality, unity
neesa (n): nonbeing. nebuja
neesit (v): isn’t
negigna (n):  ignorance
negignenei (aj):  unknown
negura (n):  kidney.  negwra
nei (aj): no + noun.  Nei dumampoja “no smoking”
nejug(en)ei (aj): unpaired; odd (number)
nejugnei (aj): unpaired; odd (number)
neka (n): harm, injury
nekit (v): harm, injure
nekja (pn): no one, nobody (< nekuja)
nekontei (aj): farmful, injurious
nekwa (pn): nothing (< nekuwa)
nekwaga (n) ?: indolence, idleness
nekwagontei (aj): “do-nothing,” indolent
neluwenei (aj):  unwashed; dirty
neluwosta (n): dirtiness, filth
nemejenei (aj): limitless, infinite
nemorta (n):  immortality. nemrtja
nemortei (aj): immortal, undead
nenekontei (aj):  harmless
nepekwei (aj): uncooked, raw, unripe, immature
nepota (n): nephew, powerless
neprija (n): enemy, unfriend
neprijei (aj): unfriendly, inimical
neprijosta (n): enmity
neprowidnei (aj): unforeseen, unanticipated
nepta (n):  niece
nepuwunnei (aj): undiminished
nera (n): person, man
neragora (n): troop, team, unit, squad
neramortaga (n):  homicide
nerawidja (n):  anthropology
nerei (aj): manly, virile, masculine.  nerei putla: male child; boy
nerijnei (aj): innumerable, uncounted
nerimnei (aj): uncounted, infinite
nerimnosta (n): infinity
nerosta (n): virility, manliness
nesit (v): carry, bring, return, restore
nesomei (aj): different, unlike
nesomit (v): differ, be unlike
nesomosta (n): difference, unlikeness
newei (aj): new
newispejontei (aj): unfailing
newogentena (n): newborn
newosnubna (n): newlywed
newosta (n): newness, novelty
newrejotwei (aj): unspeakable, ineffable
newu (av): newly; just; newu gumenei “newly come, just arrived”
newu gentenei (aj): newborn
newu gumontei (aj):  newcomer
newu snubenei (aj): newlywed
ni (pfx): down
nibugit (v): submit (to), yield
niden (pp, av, pfx): under, below, beneath
nidendosit (v): subordinate s.t.
nidenei (aj):  inferior. nidnei
nidengredagit (v): debase, downgrade
nidengredei (aj): inferior
nidenkemisa (n): undershirt
nidenosta (n): lowness
nidensruwa (n): underflow, undercurrent.  Alt: srow
nidenstaja (n):  inferiority; support
nidenstajontei (aj):  inferior; supporting
nidenstana (n): foundation, base, basis
nidenstanit (v): underlie
nidenwesta (n): underclothes
nidosit (v): demote, depose
nidragit (v): subordinate, abase, denigrate
nidrei (aj): inferior. nidnei
nidrosta (n): inferiority. nidnosta
nidukit (v):  pull down
nieja (n):  descent
niejit (v): go down, descend
nigwa (n): washing
nigwetra (n): washer
nigwit (v):  washes
nikingwa (n): prostration
nikingwit (v): bows, abases
niklinit (v): decline, slope down. Kolna niklinit.
nimezga (n): dive, submersion
nimezgit (v): dives, submerges
niruja (n): collapse, ruin, downfall
nirujit (v): fall down, collapse
nirupaga, nirujaga (n): making fall, bringing down
nirupagit, nirujagit (v): make fall, bring down
nistiga (n): dismounting, descent
nistigit (v): climb down, descend, dismount
nistuda (n): pressing down, depression
nistudit (v): press down, depress
niwrida (n): derision, mockery
niwridit (v): deride, mock
niwriduka (n): mocker
nizda (n): nest
nobela (n):  navel. nobelo
noda (n): knot, tie
nodit (v): tie, knot
nogudei (aj):  naked. nogumo/a
nogudosta (n): nakedness
noi/nos (pn): we, us
noina (n): none
noinei (aj): no (+ noun)
noka (n): harm
nokta (n): night
noktabud(ont)ei (aj): nocturnal, nightwakeful
noktadolgei (aj):  nightlong
noktamedja (n): midnight
noktasurdei (aj): nightblack
noktei (aj): nocturnal, nightly
noktunit (v): it becomes night
nomena (n):  name
nomenaberit (v): be named, bear a name
nomenadina (n):  nameday
nomenadosadina (n):  namegiving day
nomenadosit (v):  to (give a) name
nomenawnei (aj): nameless
nomenei (aj): nominal, in name
nomenu (av): by name, nominally.  Rudra nomenu “Rudra by name”
nonkei (aj): enough
nonkit (v): suffices, be enough
nonkosta (n): sufficiency
nowa (n): nine
nowadeka (n): ninety
nowadekimei (aj):  ninetieth
nowakenta (n): nine hundred
nowimei (aj): ninth
nuda (n): use, purpose
nudagit (v): implement, cause to use
nudawnei (aj): useless
nudei (aj): useful, purposeful
nudit (v): use
nudontaprijei (aj):  userfriendly
nudotwei (aj): usable
nukaga (n):  modernization
nukagit (v):  modernize
nuku:  now. be nuk

-O- [Back]

o (sfx): 1st sing sfx
o(no)/na (n): he, she; that one
o, ona (pn): s/he, it. oi
oda (n): smell, scent
odaberit (v): have a smell
odadekit (v): smell, sniff, scent s.t.
odagit (v): give a scent to, perfume s.t.
odei (aj): have an odor, redolent
odit (v): have a smell
oditsa (n): whiff, hint (of smell)
og (sfx): augmentative sfx
ogna (n): fire. Alt: ognya
ognaberonta (n):  fire carrier
ognabima (n):  fear of fire
ognadosit (v): + be.  Set/put fire (to), ignite
ognakom wikjo: hallow with fire
ognei (aj): fiery, ardent
ognitsa (n): spark
ognokwei (aj):  fire-eyed
oina (n):  one. oina nerais  one of the men
oinadeiwosta (n):  monotheism
oinaga (n): unification
oinagit (v): unifies, unite
oinagotwei (aj): unifiable
oinaguka (n): unifier
oinaplekagit (v): simplify
oinaplekei (aj): simple
oinedu (av): once
oinimei (aj): first.  Oinimu gumawit.  He came first.
oinokwei (aj): one-eyed
oinomentei (aj):  singleminded
oinosnubosta (n):  monogamy
oinosta (n):  unity; oneness; singularity
oinotworei (aj):  uniform. somo
oinotworosta (n):  uniformity. somotvorotva
oinoukwei (aj):  unanimous
oinoukwosta (n):  unanimity
oinu (av): singly, one by one
oinunit (v):  become one
okta (n): eight
oktadeka (n): eighty
oktadekimei (aj):  eightieth
oktakenta (n): eight hundred
oktimei (aj): eighth
okuwagit (v): hastens, speeds s.t.
okuwei (aj): sharp, fast
okuwopetsnei (aj):  swiftwinged
okuwosta (n): swiftness
okwa (n): eye
okwadodukontei (aj): eyecatching, attractive
okwagit (v): regard, eye
okwalugontei (aj): illusionary, deceptive
okwasliwei (aj): blue-eyed.  sliwokvei.
okwina (n): window
okwit (v): eyes, sees
olina (n):  elbow
olkesa (n): wound, abscess
olkesei (aj): wounded, abscessed
ombau: both. ombu ? see amb
ombra (n): rain, cloud
ombrei (aj): cloudy, rainy
ombrit (v): rain, cloud up
omei (aj): raw, unripe
omes (sfx): 1st plur sfx
omosta (n): immaturity, rawness, unripeness
omsa (n): shoulder, arm. omeso
on (sfx): 3rd plur sfx
ona (pn): he, she, it; that
ona (pn): s/he, it. short form o(na)s/oge/om/obi/osu/oden
onesa (n): load, burden
onesei (aj): burdensome
onka (n): hook
onkawnei (aj): cornerless, rounded
onkei (aj): hooked, angled
onkit (v): hooks
ont (sfx): pres. part. act. sfx
opera (LW) (n): opera
opesa (n): labor
opesawnei (aj): effortless
opesei (aj): laborious
ora (n): hour.  (LW)
orba (n): inheritance
orbit (v): inherit
orbuka (n): heir, inheritor
ordwagit (v): straightens
ordwei (aj): upright, straight
ordwosta (n): straightness, uprightness
orgja (n): testicle
orgwei (aj):  lusty. erg
orksa (n): bear
orkwa (n): sparkle, gleam, sine, radiance
orkwit (v):  sparkles
orna (n): eagle
orsa (n): buttocks, ass
orsosei, orsosamei (aj): foul-mouthed
osa (n): mouth
osapatnei (aj): mouth-open, gaping
osei (aj): oral, verbal
osit (v): mouths
ost: abstract sfx
ostja (n): bone. osta
ostjagora (n): skeleton
ostjagorei (aj): skeletal
ostjawnei (aj): boneless, invertebrate
ostjei (aj): bony
ot (cj):  Latin utso that
otela (n): hotel LW
otm- (sfx): superlative sfx
otr- (sfx): comparative sfx
otw- (sfx): -ible, -able sfx; gerundive
otwaga (n): catalyst?
otwagit (v): enable, make possible
otwei (aj): -able sfx.
owja (n): bird
owja: egg
owjadoma (n): birdhouse
owjagora (n): flock
owjakanta (n): birdsong
owjakerda (n):  shepherd
owjeka (n): egg
ozda (n): branch
ozdit (v): branches.  Mentai ozdon.

-P- [Back]

padla (n):  food
padlaga (n):  feeding
padlagit (v):  feed
padlagonta (n):  feeder
pagit (v): bind, agree?  pank
pajit (v): protects, feeds
palma (n): palm, hand. palama
palmaskuta (n):  glove. gerssku
pankit (v): hold, bind, agree, fasten, make pact.
papira (n): paper
pasit (v):  gasps
pastagit (v): fix, fasten s.t.
pastei (aj): fixed
pastokwei (aj): entranced, hypnotized
pata (n):  protection
patagit (v) : open. Patagawo dwora.
patit (v): protect
patnagetra (n): opener
patnagit (v): open s.t. patn
patnei (aj): wide, open. patnei
patnogersamei (aj): generous, open-handed
patnokerdamei (aj): cordial, hearty
patnokerdei (aj):  openhearted
patnomentei (aj):  openminded. menespateno/a
patnosta (n):  openness
patra (n): father
patrei (aj): paternal, fatherly
pekta (n): comb
pektit (v):  combs
pekuma (n):  cake
pekwa (n): animals, wealth
pekwit (v): cook
pela (n):  skin
pelekwa (n): ax
penksta (n): fist
penkwa (n): five
penkwadeka (n): fifty
penkwakenta (n): five hundred
penkwei (aj): five
penkwimei (aj): fifth
per (pp):  across
perberit (v): transport, portage
pereja (n): transit, crossing
perejit (v):  cross
peri (pp): around. See embi
peribagwit (v): embrace
perieja (n): circuit
periejit (v): circle, go around st.
perigersit (v): clasp, grip
perimetra (n): perimeter
perit (v): crosses, fords
periukwit (v): evade, hint
perkunja (n):  mountain
persna (n): heel
pertwa (n): ford. see tertu
pertwit (v): ford; cross (at a ford)
perukwit (v):  translate. aljukvit
peta (n):  flight
petagit (v): launch, give wings, make fly
petetra (n): wing; aircraft
petetrawnei (aj): wingless
petit (v): fly
petkijit (v):  kick. footstrike. pedbojet
petsna (n): wing, feather
pewei (aj): few (+ plur. noun); little (+ sing noun)
pewodei (aj): infrequent; rare
pewodu (av): rarely; seldom
pi (pp): on
pi dolgota (n): along, during, while
pigagit (v): cause to hate
pigit (v): hates, dislikes.  See od
pija (n): drink. piba. poj
pijit (v):  drinks. poj
pijonta (n):  drinker
pikit (v): writes, paints
pikma (n): writing, painting
pikonta (n): writer, painter
piptit: flies.  ptojit
piska (n): fish
piskit (v):  fish
plag/plangit (v): mourns, wails
plaka (LW) (n): beach, shore
plata (n): plain, plateau, flat(s)
platagit (v): flatten st.
platei (aj): flat
platosta (n): flatness
platunit (v): flattens
plejit (v): fills up, becomes full
pleketra (n): plectrum, pick, striker
plekit (v):  weaves
plekit (v): fold; strike
plenagit (v): fill s.t.
plenei (aj): full
plenosta (n):  fullness
plujit (v): rains, flows
pluwa (n): flow
pluwagit (v): buoy up, float s.t.
pluwit (v): float, flow
po (pp): apart, away, from. Alt: is
pobendit (v): bend away, deflect
poberit (v): remove, carry away, deport, defer
pobrija (n):  abrasion. brimit
pobrijit (v): scrape off, abrade
pobugit (v): deflect, parry, bend away
poda (n): foot
podabojit (v):  kicks. see petkijet
podadolgei (aj): foot-long
podagit (v): walk st/so
podagwonuka (n): foot soldier, infantryman
podaskuwa (n):  shoe. Alt: podaskuta
podasoda (n): footpath, sidewalk, pedestrian way
podawnei (aj): footless
podija (n): separate, schism
podijit (v): separate, distinguish, divide
podit (v):  walks
podosa (n): displacement, disposal
podosit (v): displace, dispose, put away
poduka (n): distraction, seduction
podukit (v): distract, pull away, seduce
pogambit (v):  withhold; deny s.t. to s.o.
pogluba (n):  peeling
poglubit (v): peel off
pogredit (v): retreat
poguwit (v): repeal, call off. Alt: -guj; -gow
pogwona (n): defense
pogwoniklei (aj): defensive
pogwonit (v): defend, fight off
pogwonuka (n): defender
poika (n): color. vorna
poikagit (v): color st.
poikawnei (aj): colorless
poikei (aj): colorful, colored
poikila (n): colored, spotted
poikit (v): have/be a color
poikunit (v): colors, takes (on) a color
pojagit (v): make drink
pojit (v): drinks. pib
pojotwei (aj): drinkable, potable
pojulei (aj): thirsty, wanting to drink
poklinagit (v): dissuade so.
poklinit (v): lean away, be disinclined
pokma (n): cake
pokragit (v): beautify
pokrei (aj): fair, beautiful
pokrosta (n): fairness, beauty
pokulit (v): dispel, refuse
pokwagit (v): cooks st.
pokwei (aj): cooked, ripe
pokwit (v): cooks, is ripe
pola (n): field
pola (n): fruit
poledit (v): consume, devour
polei (aj):  complete
polguma (n): arrival
polgumit (v):  arrive
polit (v): finish, complete
politika (LW) (n): politics
politikei (aj): political
politikuka (n): politician
polja (n): city
poljawikontei (aj):  citydwelling; urbanite
poljei (aj): urban
poljistei (aj): outside city, rural, unsophisticated
poljistuka (n): rural person
poljuka (n):  urbanite; citizen
polkurit (v): complete
polnagit (v): fills
polnei (aj): full
polnosta (n): fullness
polpiskenei (aj): fished out
polprusit (v): freeze up
polpruswa (n): permafrost
polta (n): coat; jacket. poltam wesno
poltitsa (n): jacket, vest
polu (av): fully, wholly, completely
polujit (v): wash off
polwa (n): many, much
polwagit (v): magnify, amplify
polwei (aj): many, much
polwei (aj): pale, gray
polwogenesei (aj): having many angles, turns
polwosta (n): paleness, gray
polwunit (v): gray, pale
poma (n): cover
pomorgagit (v): emigrate
ponawit (v):  disembark
ponigwit (v):  wash off
poprusagetra (n): de-icer
porka (n):  pig. see swina
pormei (aj):  first. see oina
pormogentosta (n):  primogeniture
pormugentenei (aj):  firstborn
poskijit (v): separates, divides
poskitei (aj):  separate. poskijenei
poskitosta (n): separateness, separation
posmudagit (v): clean, remove dirt
posruja (n): drain, off-flow
posrujit (v): off-flow, drain
posruwit (v): drain, flow away. alt: -srow
postana (n): distance
postanei (aj): distant
postanit (v): stand off, be distant
postanontei (aj): far, distant, removed. Alt: vi
postuda (n): repulsion, dispelling
postudit (v): repels,  dispel , push away
poswidit (v):  sweat off
poswona (n):  dissonance. swena
poswonit (v): be dissonant, clang. dus
pota (n): flight
potagit (v): puts to flight
potei (aj): drunk, satiated, intoxicated
potit (v): flies
potja (n): master, host
potla (n): cup
potlaberuka (n): cupbearer
potrokwa (n): turning away
potrokwit (v): turns away
potudit (v): repel, repress
poukwa (n): renunciation
poukwit (v): renounce, says away
powera (n): uncovering
poweragit (v): uncovers
powerit (v):  uncover
powertaga (n): aversion, turning aside
powertagit (v): turn aside, avert
powes(n)it (v): undress
powesagit (v): undress s.o.
powesit (v): undress
powoga (n): removal
powogit (v): carry off, away, remove
preti (pp): against
pretibaja (n): contraindication
pretibasa (n):  reflection
pretibasit (v):  reflect
pretidanit (v):  compensate
pretidikit (v):  contraindicate
pretidosit (v): oppose
pretigurwa (n): counterweight
pretigurwit (v): counterweigh, balance
pretigwona (n): rebellion, resistance
pretigwonit (v): rebel, resist
pretigwonuka (n): rebel, resister, opponent
pretijudit (v): rebel
pretijudontei (aj): rebellious, antagonistic
pretistajit (v): stand against, resist, oppose
pretistana (n):  resistance. -staja
pretistanit (v): resists, withstands. -stajit
pretistanonta (n):  resister
pretistudit (v): repel, resist. tud
pretitudit (v): repel
pretiwerga (n):  working against
pretiwergit (v):  work against
pretiwija (n): counterforce, resistance
pretjukwa (n): contradiction, refutation
pretjukwiklei (aj): contradictory
pretjukwit (v): contradict, refute, gainsay
prija (n): friend, dear
prijawnei (aj): friendless
prijei (aj): dear, loving; friend
prijit (v): like, love
prijonta (n):  friend
prijosta (n): friendliness, amity
prinit (v): likes, loves
pro (pp): before, in front of
probaja (n):  foreword. probana
probajit (v): foreshadow, be precursor to
probera (n): display, exhibit
proberit (v): displays, exhibits, flaunts
probija (n):  apprehension
probijontei (aj): apprehensive, nervous
problema (n): problem LW
probwagit (v): makes proud
probwei (aj): proud
probwosta (n): pride
proderka (n): foresight
proderkit (v):  foresees
prodigwa (n):  prefix
prodigwit (v):  prefixes
prodinamedja (n): morning, forenoon. prodin¡dja
prodosa proposal, offer, suggestion:
prodosit (v): propose, offer, put forward, suggest
proeja (n): precedence
proejit (v): precede
proejna (n): deceased person, the dead
proejnei (aj): preceeded,  gone before, deceased
progamba (n):  anticipation
progambit (v): anticipate
progambotwei (aj): likely, to be anticipated
progigna (n): foreknowledge, prescience
progignontei (aj):  prescient
proguma (n): forecoming, warning, hint
progumit (v): precede
progumuka (n): precursor
proguwit (v):  prophecy. alt: -gow
proguwonta (n): prophet, foreteller
progwona (n): skirmish, squabble
progwonit (v):  skirmish
proijena (n): forerunner, ancestor
proka (n): question
prokana (n): prelude, presong
prokiklei (aj): inquisitive, curious
prokit (v): asks, questions
prokonta (n): suitor, asker
prokorja (n): scout, advance guard
prokura (n): prefabrication
prokurit (v): premake, prefabricate
promeja (n): estimate, guessing
promejetra (n): estimate, guess. prometra
promejit (v): guess, estimate
promenta (n): plan, forethought
promentit (v): plan, forethink, considers
prosnuba (n): engagement, betrothal
prosnubit (v): get engaged
proteksenei (aj):  prefabricated
proteksit (v): prefabricate
proukwa (n): prediction
proukwit (v): foretells, predicts
proukwotwei (aj): predictable
proukwuka (n): prophet, predicter
prowida (n):  foresight. providja
prowidiklei (aj): prescient
prowidit (v): foresee
prowrejenei (aj):  forementioned
prusa (n): ice
prusagetra (n):  freezer
prusagit (v): freezes s.t.  Golosta udram prusagit.
prusagolei (aj): ice-cold.  Prusagolei udram pojaawit.
prusakista (n):  icebox
prusakolna (n): iceberg; “ice-mountain”
prusit (v): freezes.  Udra prusit.
pugit (v): jabs, pokes
pujit (v):  rots
pulei (aj): young, small
punagit (v): purify
punei (aj): pure
punosta (n): purity
pura (n):  fire
purokwei (aj): fire-eyed, fierce
putei (aj): rotten
putit (v): rots
putla (n): child; young person
putlabuja (n): childhood
putlawnei (aj): childless
putlawnosta (n):  childlessness
putlei (aj): childish,  like
putlosta (n):  childhood
putosta (n): rot, decay, putrefaction
putunit (v):  rots
puwagit (v): diminish, shrink
puwedu (av): occasionally, seldom, rarely
puwei (aj): few, small, little
puwei skola (n): elementary school. isei skola
puwosta (n): paucity, smallness
puwuna (s): shrinkage; diminution
puwunit (v): diminish, become little, shrink

-R- [Back]

rega (n): king
regadoma (n): palace
regagit (v): put in power, cause to rule
regapolja (n): capital
regaseda (n): royal seat, throne
regei (aj): regal, kingly
regna (n):  kingdom, realm
regetra (n): governor (engine); regulator
regit (v): rule
regonta (n): ruler, king
regusa (n): darkness, twilight, evening. regwa; regwesa
regusakana (n):  vespers. eregvakana
regusamemsa (n): supper
regusei (aj): twilit, dark. eregvei
reja (n): thing
rejagit (v): realize, make concrete, manifest, reify
rejei (aj): concrete, thingly, real
rektei (aj): ruled, straight, right (angle)
repit (vt): snatch, steal, seize
rezga (n): rope, cord.  Rezgam nedit.
rima (n): number; counting
rimawnei (aj): countless, numberless, infinite
rimenei (aj): counted, finite
rimit (v): counts, numbers
rimonta (n):  counter
rimotwei (aj): countable, finite
ritwa (n): rite, ritual, ceremony
ritwuka (n): ritualist
ronga (n): rank, order
rongit (v): rank, order, organize
rongunit (v): fall into order/rank, line up
rota (n):  wheel
rotit (v): spins, rotates. ret
rudragit (v): reddens s.t.  Golosta derksnam rudragit.
rudrei (aj): red
rudroderksnei (aj): red faced, embarrassed
rudrosta (n): redness
rudrunit (v):  reddens
rugit (v):  roars
ruwa (n): fall
ruwagit (v): make fall, fell, bring down.  Derwam ruwagaawit.
ruwit (v): fall.  Bolja ruwit.

-S- [Back]

s (sfx): of; genitive n sfx
sagja (n): quest, seeking, tracking
sagjit (v): seek, track down
sakerdota (LW) (n): priest
sakerdotei (aj): priestly
salna (n):  salt
salnei (aj): saline, salty
sapjit (v): taste, perceive.sab
satja (n):  enough. sata
satjei (aj): enough
satju (av): enough; sufficiently.  satu gwormei hot enough
satjunit (v):  suffices
sedagit (v): seat s.o.; settle
sediklei (aj): sedentary
sedit (v): sit
sedla (n):  bench, chair
sega (n):  fight, win
segesa (n):  victory. sega
segesei (aj):  victorious
segit (v): fights, wins
seka (n): section, piece
sekit (v): cut
seksa (n):  six
seksadeka (n):  sixty
seksadekimei (aj):  sixtieth
seksakenta (n): six hundred
seksimei (aj):  sixth
sekwa (n): following, consequence, result
sekwa (n): saying, telling, speech, story, account
sekwabi (av): consequently, therefore, as a result
sekwaunei (aj): inconsequential, resultless
sekwit (v): say, tell
sekwuka (n): follower
selesa (n):  swamp
selesei (aj):  swampy
selgit (v): release, emit, eject
selpa (n): grease, annointing
selpagit (v): annoints, greases
selpei (aj):  greasy. selpjo
semena (n):  seed
semenaselga (n): ejaculation
semenit (v): seed, plant
semmejotwei (aj): commensurate, equivalent
sen: with/together.  see kom
senbendit (v):  tie together
sendergit (v):  holds together
sendosa (n): composition, putting together
sendosenei (aj): composed
sendosit (v): composes, arranges, sets together
sendukit (v): assemble, contract
senduna (n): harmony
sendunit (v): sound together, harmonize
seneja (n): accompaniment
senejit (v): accompany, go with
senejit (v): put together; engage (dentikukla)
senekei (aj): old
senekejit (v): age s.t. vt
senekosta (n): age, oldness
senekuka (n): elder, senior
senekunit (vi): ages
senendesit (v): plant, sow
senesnei (aj): consanguine, bloodrelated. Alt: somesnei
senesnosta (n): consanguinity. somesnosta
senesnuka (n): blood relative, kinsman. Alt: somesnuka
sengenta (n):  cognacy
sengentei (aj): cognate, fraternal, innate
sengera (n): collection, gathering
sengerit (v): gather, collect
sengesit (v):  cohere
sengigna (n): consensus, common knowledge
senglija (n): coherence, sticking together
senglijit (v): cohere, stick together
sengudit (v): pour together, mix, confuse
senguma (n): convention, assembly, meeting
sengumagit (v): convene, assemble
sengumit (v): convene, assemble
senguwa (n): conversation. Alt: -gow
senguwit (v): converse
sengwelbuka (n): sibling, “same-womber”. Alt: somogwelbuka
sengwit (v): chant, sing, prophesy
sengwononta (n):  fellow fighter, comrade
senjuga (n): joining, uniting
senjugit (v): join, unite. see oinaget
senkana (n): chorus, harmony, melody
senkanit (v):  sings together/with
senkuruka (n): co-doer, co-agent
senkweilei (aj): contemporary
senkweilosta (m): contemporariness
senkweiluka (n): contemporary (person); somokweiluka
senlognuka (n): bedmate. Alt: somolognuka
senmeja (n): comparison
senmejawnei (aj): incomparable, peerless
senmejetrawnei (aj): peerless, incomparable. senmetrawnei
senmejetrei (aj): even,  equivalent, commensurate. senmetrei
senmejetruka (n): equivalent, peer. senmetruka
senmejit (v): compare, measure together
senmejotwei (aj): comparable
senmiksit (v): mix together, blend, confuse
sennedit (v): tie together, connect
senpleka (n): weaving together, involvement
senplekei (aj): involved, complex
senplekit (v): weave together, implicate
senplekosta (n): complexity
senpokwa (n): stew, soup
senskoluka (n): schoolmate
sensoduka (n): companion, fellow traveler. somosoduka
senswona (n): sounding together, harmony
senswonei (aj): harmonious
senswonit (v): harmonize, sound together
sentit (v): goes. sontit
sentja (n):  truth
sentjabajontei (aj):  accurate. dikontei
sentuda (n): compression
sentudit (v): compress. stud
senukwa (n): conversation
senukwit (v): converse, convokes, calls together
senukwuka (n): conversationalist
senwa (n): attempt, assay, try, effort
senwebit (v): weave together
senwerga (n): collaboration, cooperation
senwergit (v): collaborate, work together, cooperate
senwergonta (n):  collaborator
senwikit (v): live together, cohabit
senwit (v): attempts, tries
senwotwei (aj): tryable, attemptable
sepelja (n): burial
sepeljit (v):  buries
septa (n): seven
septadeka (n): seveny
septadekimei (aj):  seventieth
septakenta (n): seven hundred
septanokta (n): week, seven nights. se’nokta
septimei (aj): seventh
sergwa (n): sorrow, grief
sergwawnei (aj): sorrowless
sergwit (v): sorrow, grieve
serpa (n): snake
serpei (aj): serpentine, snaky
serpit (v): creep, crawl
sidwagit (v):  straightens s.t.
sidwei (aj):  straight
sidwosta (n):  straightness
sidwunit (v):  straightens
silaragit (v): cheers s.o.
silarei (aj): happy
silarosta (n): happiness
sistema (n): system
sistemei (aj): systematic
siwetra (n): suture, seam
siwit (v): sew
skanda (n): leap, jump
skandit (v): leaps, jumps
skidit (v): separates, divides
skiraga (n):  clarification
skiragit (v): clarifies
skirei (aj): distinct, separate, clear, sharp, keen
skirosta (n):  clearness
skiruderkontei (aj): clear-seeing, perceptive
skola (n): school
skoluka (n): student, scholar
skorta (n): cut, clipping
skortei (aj): cut off, abbreviated, short
skortit (v):  cuts
skotwa (n): shade, shadow
skotwagetra (n): umbrella, shade(r)
skotwawnei (aj): unshadowed, shadeless
skotwei (aj):  shadowed
skotwit (v): shadows, shades
skotwonta (n):  shadowing
skuja (n): perception
skujit (v):  perceives
skunagit (v): beautify, embellish
skunei (aj): noticeable, conspicuous, beautiful
skunosta (n): beauty
skunuka (n): beautiful person
skuta (n): cover(ing), skin
skutit (v): cover
skutla (n): story, news, “word of”
skutlabolja (n): newspaper
skutluka (n): reporter, newsperson
sliwei (aj): color, blue
sliwunit (vi): becomes blue
slubit (v): slips, slides
smaga (n):  taste. smega
smagagit (vt):  flavors s.t.
smagawnei (aj): tasteless, insipid. cf nesmagei
smagit (v): has a taste
smeja (n): spot
smejenei (aj): spotted, soiled
smejit (v): spots, blemishes
smera (n): memory
smeragetra (n): reminder. mnemonic
smeragit (vt): remind
smerit (vt): remember
smerotwei (aj):  memorable
smetla (n): spot, blemish
smetlawnei (aj): spotless, immaculate
smetlei (aj): spotted, blemished
smijagiklei (aj): amazing, wondrous
smijiklei (aj): amazing, wondrous
smijit (v): smiles, wonders, surprises, amazes
smirei (aj):  wonderful
smirosta (n):  wonder
smokra (n): beard, moustache, chin.  smekruva
smorda (n): hurt, pain
smordagit (vt):  hurt s.t./s.o.
smordawnei (aj):  painless
smordit (v): hurts, pains
smorsa (n): butter, grease, fat, oil
smorsagit (v): greases, oils s.t.
smorsei (aj): oily, greasy, fat(ty)
smuda (n): dirt
smudagit (v): dirties, makes dirty, sullies
smudei (aj): dirty
snaja (n):  swimming
snajit (v): swim
snajuka (n):  swimmer
snetla (n): needle
snewna (n): sinew, nerve
snewnei (aj): sinewy, stringy
snigwa (n): snow
snigwadoma (n): igloo
snigwakelenei (aj): snowcovered
snigwalbei (aj): snowwhite
snigwatusei (aj):  snowsilent
snigwei (aj): snowy
snigwit (v): snows
snuba (n): marriage
snubadana (n):  marriage-gift
snubadina (n):  marriage-day
snubagit (v): marry s.o. to s.o.
snubanokta (n):  wedding-night
snubiklei (aj): marriable, eligible, nubile
snubit (v): marries
snubuka (n): spouse
snubukawnei (aj): unmarried, single
snujit (v): bind, connect.  snujet
snusa (n): son/daughter in law
soda (n): road, path, way
sodakuruka (n): pathmaker
sodapastei (aj): routine, automatic, habitual
sodawnei (aj): pathless, aimless, lost
sodit (v):  goes
soduka (n): traveller
soiwagit (v): delay, make late
soiwei (aj): late
soiwosta (n): lateness
soiwunit (v): becomes late
sokwa (n): consequence, following
sokwit (v): follow
sokwu (av): consequently, therefore
sokwuka (n):  follower
solna (n): sun
solnaira (n): sunrise
solnawnei (aj): sunless, cloudy, cheerless
solnei (aj): sunny
solpa (n): annointing, unguent
solpit (v): annoints
solwa (n): all
solwaga (n): inclusion
solwagiklei (aj): inclusive
solwagit (v): include vt
solwamoga (n): omnipotence
solwedontei (aj): omnivorous
solwei (aj): all, whole, entire
solwit (v): is included vi
solwodei (aj): constant
solwoderkontei (aj):  allseeing
solwodu (av): always
solwogentagontei (aj):  omnigenous
solwogigna (n):  omniscience
solwogurontei (aj):  omnivorous
solwokurontei (aj): omnificent, alldoing, handyman
solwomoga (n): omnipotence
solwomogei (aj):  omnipotent, almighty
solwosta (n): inclusiveness, universality
solwu: entirely, completely, wholly
somagit (v): assimilate s.t.
somei (aj): like, similar (to), same
somesnei (aj):  consanguine
somesnosta (n): consanguinity
somodolgei (aj):  of equal length
somogurwei (aj): balancing, equally heavy
somomatrei (aj):  sibling
somomatruka (n): sibling
somomentei (aj):  like-minded
somonomenei (aj):  synonymous
somopatruka (n): sibling
somosta (n): similarity, likeness
somotworei (aj):  uniform. oinotvoroso/a
somotworosta (n):  uniformity
somowetsei (aj): of the same age, contemporary
somowetsuka (n): contemporary
songwa (n): song, chant, prophecy
sorgwa (n): sorrow, grief
sorgwagit (v): grieve s.o.
sorgwit (v): grieve, sorrow
sousaga (n):  drying
sousagetra (n): dryer
sousagit (v):  dries s.t.
sousei (aj):  dry
sousosta (n): dryness, drouth
sousunit (v):  dries. sousenom
sowei (aj): his/hers. svei, svojei
spada (n): spade, spoon, chip
spaja (n): openness, spreading, large space
spajagit (v): spread s.t., extend s.t.
spajit (v): spread, extend, be open, spacious
spalagetra (n): thinner
spalagit (v): thins out s.t.
spalei (aj): thin, not dense
spalosta (n): thinness
spanda (n): libation, sacrifice
spandit (v): pours, sacrifices
spanduka (n): sacrificer
sparei (aj): extensive, vast
sparosta (n): vastness, extent
speka (n): view, look. spoka
spekit (v): sees, looks at
speragit (v): makes prosper or succeed
sperei (aj): successful
sperit (v): succeed, prosper
sperosta (n): prosperity
spiga (n): point, spike
spigit (v): poke, pierce, spike
spujit (v): spits, sprays
spuma (n): spray, spit, spume
spumit (v): spits
sputa (n):  spit
srebit (v): swallows
srenka (n):  snore. sronka
srenkit (v):  snores
srepit (v):  swallow
sruwa (n): stream, flow. sruma, srova
sruwago (v): make flow
sruwiklei (aj): fluent, flowing.  Sruviklu ukvontei
sruwit (v): flows, streams
sruwitsa (n): trickle
sruwitsit (v): trickles
sruwontei (aj): fluent, fluid
stadla (n): stall, stable
stamena (n): stability, stamina
stanagit (v): erect, make stand, raise
stanit (v): stands
staragetra (n): stabilizer
staragit (v): stabilizes, steadies
starei (aj): stable, fixed
staromentei (aj):  steadyminded, resolute
starosta (n): stability, steadiness
starunit (vi):  become stable.  ekonomja starunit the economy stabilizes
stata (n): place, location, standing
statagit (v): locate, place, position
statei (aj): positioned, local, static
stega (n): cover, roof
stegit (v):  covers
stelit (v): place, put, send. See dosit
stera (n): star
steranawa (n): starship, spacecraft
sterei (aj): starry, astral
sterit (v): to mark with a star
steritsa (n): asterisk
stigit (v): climbs, mounts
stigit (v): pricks, pokes. see tig, spig
stona (n):  thunder
stonit (v): rumbles, thunders
straja (n): spread, array, scattering
strajagit (v): spreads s.t.
strajenei (aj): spread, scattered, strewn
strajit (v): spreads, scatters.  strovit
studenta (LW) (n): student
stuwa (n): praise
stuwalgwontei (aj): praiseworthy (?)
stuwit (v): praise.  Neras mengedu stuwon deiwas kudu ulon rejas.
su (pfx): well, good
su (sfx): in. locative n sfx
sudoigei (aj): wellformed, shaped
sudosenei (aj): comfortable, convenient
sudosenosta (n): convenience
suesa (n): well-being
sugentei (aj): wellborn, noble
sugentosta (n):  nobility
sugwisa (n): health
sugwisagit (v): make healthy, heal
sugwisei (aj): healthy
sujit (1) (v):  begets
sujit (2) (v):  presses.  sunevo
sukerdija (n):  pigherd(er)
sukurenei (aj): well-done, well-made
sukurenosta (n): high quality, (relative) perfection
sukuronta (n):  well-doer
sukurpesei (aj): good-bodied, wellproportioned
sula (n): juice, liquid
suma (n): pressing, juice
sumenesei (aj): welltempered, goodhumored
sumenesosta (n):  good humor
sumpit (v): sleep. swopit
sunomenei (aj):  well-named
sunomenosta (n):  well-namedness
sunwa (n): son
sunwei (aj): filial
supnja (n): dream. svopnja
supnjawnei (aj): dreamless
supokwei (aj): wellcooked
suragit (v): makes sour
surdagit (v): blackens s.t.
surdei (aj): black. svordei
surdokwei (aj): blackeyed. okvasurdei
surdosta (n): blackness, darkness
surdunit (v): blackens, darkens
surei (aj): salty, sour
surgit (v): worry, concern
surosta (n): sourness, saltiness
surunit (v): sours, becomes salty
suskunei (aj): beautiful, striking
suskunosta (n):  beauty
sutworei (aj): well-proportioned, -formed
suwa (n): rain
suwapolta (n): raincoat
suwei (aj): rainy.  Ewa suwei dina esit.
suwit (v): rains
suwitsit (v): drizzle
swa (n):  self
swada (n): custom, habit
swaengamba (n): self-restraint, control
swagentagontei (aj):  self-generating
swagigna (n):  self-knowledge. swawidja
swakurenei (aj):  self-made
swaluba (n):  self-love
swamortaga (n):  suicide
swamortagit (v): commit suicide
swarda (n):  laugh
swardagit (v):  causes to laugh
swardit (v):  laughs.  see wrid
swarega (n): self-rule, independence
swaregontei (aj):  autonomous
swastana (n): self-standing, independence
swaukwenei (aj): soi-disant, self-proclaimed
swawalda (n): selfrule, control
swedwagit (v): sweeten, appeal to
swedwei (aj):  sweet
swedwosta (n):  sweetness
swedwunit (v):  sweeten
swekra (n): parent-in-law. svekura
swentei (aj):  1. healthy 2. sounded
swentosta (n):  health
swesra (n): sister
swesragora (n): sorority, sisterhood
swesrei (aj): sisterly
swida (n):  sweat
swidagit (v): laborious, cause to sweat
swidit (v):  sweats
swina (n): pig. see porka
swinamemsa (n): pork
swinei (aj): swinish, piggish, porcine
swona (n): sound
swonagit (v): causes to sound, plays
swonaguka (n): player
swonawnei (aj): soundless
swonit (v): sounds
swopa (n): sleep.  Stanawa --u manontei ainamemsa.  I stood sleepily awaiting breakfast.
swopagetra (n): soporific, sedative, tranquilizer
swopagit (v): puts to sleep, lulls
swopiklei (aj): sleepy, drowsy
swopit (v): sleep
swopulei (aj): sleepy, wanting to sleep
swu (av): by oneself, unaided, alone; selfishly

-T- [Back]

ta (n): that (pn)  Ta bu mirei ukwa.
takjagit (v): silence s.o.
takjei (aj): silent
takjit (v): be quiet
taksija (LW) (n): taxi
taura (n): bull
teatra (LW) (n): theater
tega (n): roof, cover
tegit (v): cover, thatch
tegwagit (v):  thickens
tegwei (aj):  thick
tegwosta (n):  thickness
tegwunit (v):  thickens
tei (aj): that (aj)  Tei ukwa bu(wi)t mirei.
tekna (n): skill. teknika
teknawnei (aj): unskilled, clumsy
teknikei (aj): technical. See teknei
teknuka (n): technician, craftsman
teksit (v): builds, constructs
teksonta (n):  carpenter. tekt
teksuka (n): builder
tekwit (v):  flows
tekwontei (aj): fluid, flowing
temesa (n):  darkness
temesei (aj):  dark
tengit (v):  seems.  see baset
tenit (v): stretches, is thin
tenkit (v): tightens, contracts
tentla (n): net, thread
tenwagit (v):  thins s.t.; tenujenoi
tenwei (aj):  thin
tenwosta (n):  thinness
tenwunit (v):  thins
tepit (v):  be lukewarm
tepontei (aj): lukewarm, tepid
ter (pfx): through
terbasontei (aj): transparent
terdinit (v): pass the day
tere (pp): by, by means of
tergima (n): wintering
tergimit (v): pass the winter
tergwiwit (v): spend a life; pass (one’s) life
terit (1) (v): rubs, tears
terit (2) (v): crosses. tort
termejetra (n): diameter. termetra
ternoktit (v): pass the night
terpit (v): pleases, enjoys
tersagit (v): makes thirsty
tersei (aj): thirsty
tersit (v): thirsts, is dry
terwetsit (v): pass the year
teterwa (n):  partridge
teuta (n): people. see ludja.  people; tribe, nation
teutana (n): leader?; member of a people
teutawalda (n):  democracy?
tigagit (v): sharpens
tigei (aj): sharp, pointed
tigit (v): sharp, pricks
tigosta (n): sharpness. See stig
todu (av): then, at that time
toka (n): child, offspring
tokit (v):  begets
tokwit (v): run, flow
tokwontei (aj): fluid, fluent, flowing
tolit (v): lift
tolkei (aj): that kind of, such
tolpa (n): accommodation
tolpit (v): accommodates, can contain
tona (n): that
torku (pp):  through. te/or(e)
torkubasa (n):  transparency. basti
torkubasontei (aj): transparent
torkudinit (v): pass the day
torkuetra (n): bore, auger
torkugambit (v): retain, hold through
torkugimit (v): pass the winter
torkugwijit (v): endure, live through, survive, spends one¡s life
torkuit (v):  crosses
torkumejetra (n): diameter. torkumetra
torkunoktit (v): passes the night
torkusoda (n):  connecting/through path
torkustigit (v):  pierces
torkuwetsit (v): to spend a year
tortwa (n): crossing, ford
toru (av): very?  thus
towa (pn): that/those. See tei
towa (pn): who
tragedja (LW) (n): tragedy
tragedjei (LW) (aj): tragic (tragikei)
treba (n): building, structure
trebit (v): build, construct
trema (n): shake, tremor, vibration
tremit (v):  shakes
trena*: train.  woga
trija (n): three
trijadeka (n): thirty
trijagona (n): triangle
trijedu (av):  thrice
trijei (aj):  three.  trijei nerai.
trijejit (v): triple
trijimei (aj): third. Alt: trimei
trijodeiwosta (n): trinity
trijodeka (n):  thirty
trijogona (n): triangle
trijogonei (aj):  triangle
trijopoda (n):  tripod
trijosta (n):  trinity; threeness
trijostuka (n): trinitarian
troba (n): building, town, village
trobuka (n): villager
tudit (v): press, push
tuma (n):  swelling
tumagit (v): make swell
tumit (v): swell, grow
tunkwei (aj): fat, pudgy
tunkwunit: fattens
turaga (n): strengthening
turagit (v):  strengthens
turei (aj): strong, powerful
turosta (n):  strength
tus (int): hush!  quiet!
tusa (n): silence
tusagetra (n): silencer
tusagit (v): hushes, silences s.t.
tusei (aj): quiet, silent
tusit (v): be silont
tuwa (pn): you singular. [short form tu]
tuwei (aj): your
tuyit (v):  swells. tuwit
twisit (v):  shakes
twora (n): form, shape.  see doiga
tworagit (v): forms, shapes
tworawnei (aj): shapeless, formless

-U- [Back]

u (pp): by, at, near
u (sfx): adverb sfx
u dyewa: aloft
u medya (pp):  among (between)  gen.
ud (pp): up
udagit (v): goes up, ascends
udberit (v):  carry up
uderit (v): rises up, ascends
udklinit (v): slope up, rise (of hills, etc.)
udra (n): water. udna.  Udra berwit water boils
udraberuka (n): Aquarius, water carrier
udradanetra (n): waterer
udradanit (v): water st
udragentenei (aj):  waterborn
udrakukla (n):  waterwheel
udramentawnei (aj): thoughtless as water; lacking thoughts of water
udramorta (n): drowning
udramortit (v): drown
udrawnei (aj): desert, waste, waterless, anhydrous
udrei (aj): watery, wet
ugagit (v): vt deprive
ugit (v): lack
ugwetra (n):  sprinkler
ugwit (v): wets, sprinkles
uk (sfx): agent, -er, -ist. sfx
uksena (n):  ox.  ukwsena
ukwa (n): speech, talk
ukwatla (n):  word
ukwawnei (aj):  voiceless
ukwenei (aj): spoken
ukwiklei (aj): talkative
ukwiklosta (n): loquacity
ukwit (v): says, speaks.  Ukwit dwei dingwas.
ukwitsa (n): chat
ukwitsit (v): chat
ukwotwei (aj):  speakable
ukwu (av): verbally, in words
ukwuka (n): speaker
ul- (sfx): “wanting to” sfx
ulega (n): proximity, nearness
ulegontei (aj): adjacent, neighbor(ing)
un (sfx): intransitivizer; inchoativizer sfx
unda (n):  wave
undagit (v): vt makes ripple/wave.  Waja udram undagit.
undit (v): vi waves, ripples.  Udra undit.
unditsa (n):  ripple
unit (v):  see welit
unit (v): becomes
uniwersita (n): university. > meglei skola
unka (n): habit, custom
unkagit (swom):  accustoms st/so to st/so
unkagit (v): get so/st used to, accustom st/so to. uk
unkei (aj): habitual, customary
unkuka (n):  person of habit
unkunit (v): get used to, accustomed
uper (pp): over, above
uperbana (n): title, overword, heading
uperbwei (aj): superior, proud
uperbwosta (n): pride, superiority
uperderka (n): supervision
uperderkawnei (aj): unsupervised
uperderkit (v): supervise, oversee
uperderkuka (n): superviser, overseer
uperdosa (n): stack
uperdosit (v): superposes, vt stack
uperdosotwei (aj): stackable
upergradit (v):  superordinate
uperkrowa (n): overskin, overflesh, epidermis
uperlega (n): overlay, cover
uperlegagit (v): vt covers st.
uperlegit (v): cover, lie over
upermoga (n):  superior power
upernomna (n): inclusive name, hypernym
uperosta (n):  superiority
uperpolta (n): overcoat, greatcoat
uperstanit (v): stand over, stand above
uperstata (n): higher position, location
uperstaya (n):  superiority
uperteksit (v): build over, on
uperwalda (n):  dominion
uperwesta (n): overclothes
uperwida (n): oversight, supervision
uperwidit (v): oversee, supervise
upsa (n): peak, top
upsasagyontei (aj): topseeking, striving
upsejenei (aj): ascended, arrived, accomplished
urda (n):  root. see wrad
urwagit (v):  widen s.t.
urwei (aj):  wide.  ewrei
urwogignenei (aj): well-known, familiar
urwognotosta (n):  familiarity
urwospatei (aj): widespread, extensive
urwospatosta (n): extent, ubiquity
urwosta (n): width, wideness
urwunit (v):  widens
usa (n):  ear
usedontei (aj): neighboring, nearby, near
usei (aj): audeo, aural
usra (n):  dawn. usa.  Usra solwedu gumit.
usrei (aj): dawn
usrit (v):  dawn.  Dina usrit.  > dinunit
ustana (n): circumstance, context, proximity
ustanuka (n):  bystander
ustayit (v): assists, stands by
uswei (aj): good. Alt: usvei, suvei
uswei dina (welo):  good day, hello
uswei nokta: good night
uswu (av): well
uswu kurnei: well-made; well-done.
uwesa (n):  neighbor
uwesit (v):  neighbors
uwikontei (aj): neighboring
uwikuka (n): neighbor
uwsei (aj): past perfect part. sfx
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wadit (v): pledge, vow
walda (n): rule, authority
waldagit (v): invest, appoint
waldei (aj):  authoritative
waldit (v): controls, rules, has authority
walduka (n): ruler, controller
walit (v): is strong, prevails
walnei (aj): strong, healthy
wanagit (v): deprive
wanei (aj): lacking, less
wanosta (n):  lack
wasta (n): desert, waste, wilderness
wastuwa (n): dwelling, settlement
watagit (v): madden, derange, craze
watei (aj): inspired, mad, crazy
watosta (n): inspiration, madness
watuka (n): vates, poet, madman
wayit (v):  lack
weba (n): weave, weaving
webit (v): weave
wegerei (aj): lively, active
wegesa (n):  power
wegesa (n): load, freight
wegesei (aj):  powerful
wegit (v): carries
wegit (v): grow.  avgit; increase
wegna (n):  cart, wagon.  vogla
wegu (av): also, too, in addition. see augu; ugu
wegwit (v): vows, prays, promises. veget
weja (n): wind
wejei (aj): windy
wejit (v): blows
wejitsa (n): breeze
wekera (n): west, evening, west
welika (n):  willow. s(u)eliko
welit (v): (1) sees, appears. uliti. vlejit
welit, ulit, unit (v): (2) wants, wish, wills, desires, chooses. ul
weltuwa (n):  appearance. weltu
welwit (v): turns, spins, rolls. weluto/a
wemagetra (n): emetic
wemagit (v): nauseates, makes vomit
wemena (n): lung, breather
wemit (v): vomits
wena (n): desire. un
wenesa (n):  desire, wish
wenesaruya (n):  disappointment
wenesaruyagit (v): disappoint s.o.
wenesei (aj):  desirous, wishing
wenit (v): desire, wish, want. unit
wenotwei (aj):  desirable
wenta (n):  wind
wera (n): faith, belief
werabragontei (aj): faithbreaking, perfidious
weradergontei (aj): faithkeeping, loyal
werawnei (aj): agnostic, heathen
weretra (n):  cover; werutro
werga (n): work, labor
wergadanit (v): employs
wergadanuka (n): employer
wergiklei (aj): industrious
wergit (v): works, labors
wergitsa (n): task, chore
werguka (n): worker, laborer
wergukagora (n):  work crew
werit (1) (v):  believes
werit (2) (v):  covers
wiwerit (v): find, uncover
wermena (n): cover, shield, envelope
werna (n): covered; coloring, sheath. worna?
werotwei (aj):  believable
werta (n): event, turn, happening
wertagit (v): makes happen, bring about
wertit (v): turns, happens. urtet
wesagit (swom):  settle a place
wesit (v): dwells, settles
wesna (n): spring.  wesent
wesnagora (n):  spring gathering
wesnei (aj): vernal, spring
wespera (n): west, evening
wesra (n): spring
wesrei (aj): vernal
wesrunit (v): becomes spring
westa (n): clothing
westagit (v): vt dress, clothe s.o.
westawnei (aj): unclothed, naked
westit (v): vi wear, put on
wetra (n): weather, wind, storm
wetsa (n): year
wetsadeka (n): decade. dekawetsa
wetsadina (n): anniversary
wetsadiya (n): season
wetsadolgei (aj): yearlong, for a year
wetsagesla (n): millennium. geslawetsa
wetsagora (n): year-gathering, reunion
wetsakenta (n): century. kentawetsa
wetsarg(ent)a (n): pension
wetsarga (n): pension
wetsarguka (n): pensioner
wetsarima (n): year count, age
wetsei (aj): yearly, annual
wi (av): apart, away, aside; un
wiabragit (v): vt weakens
wiansa (n): contempt
wiansit (v): despise
wiarbagit (v):  disinherits
wibalda (n): profanation, reviling. dusbald
wibaldit (v): despise, profane, revile
wibarkwit (v): unstuff, uncram
wibajit (v):  disappear [bas]
wibendit (v): untie, loosen.  pobendit
wibi: strongly, forcefully
wibida (n): doubt
wibidit (v): doubts
wibidotwei (aj): uncertain, dubious
wida (n):  knowing
widagiklei (aj): revealing, telling
widagit (v): shows
widanit (v): give away? abandon?
widelgagit (v): ransom, redeem, pay debt
widema (n): destruction
widemiklei (aj): destructive
widemit (v): unbuilds, destroys
widerit (v): release
widewa (n): widow(er). widva
widit (v): sees
widnei (aj): seen
widomei (aj): homeless
widora (n): release
widosa (n): deposing, deference; displacement. vidosa
widosit (v): displace, put aside, depose, defer
widotwei (aj): visible
widotwosta (n): visibility
widuka (n): seduction, leading apart
widukiklei (aj):  seductive
widukit (v): seduce, lead apart. apodukit
widusagit (v): forgive, excuse
widuwa (n):  woods
wiendomagit (v): unhouse
wienkurpagit (v): disincarnate
wigesit (v): detach, unstick
wigona (n):  straightening
wigonit (v): unbend, straighten
wiguwa (n): renunciation. gow
wiguwit (v): renounce, unsay
wiitei (aj): gone apart, away; far
wiitosta (n): distance

wija (n): twist
wijabi: strongly, powerfully
wijagnagit (v): profane, desanctify
wijit (v): twist, curls, winds, spins
wijuga (n): disjunction, separation
wijugit (v): unyoke, separate, disjoin

wika (n): house, dwelling. see woika
wikagit (v): settle so.; house
wikama (n): dispassion
wikamei (aj): dispassionate
wikapotja (n): lord, householder
wikit (v): reside, dwell
wiklina (n): prejudice
wiklinit (v): disfavors, prejudiced against
wikuda (n): revelation
wikudit (v): reveals
wikuduka (n):  revealer
wikuka (n): resident
wikura (n): destruction
wikuriklei (aj): destructive
wikurit (v): destroy, unmake
wikurpagit (v): unbody, destroy
wikurpei (aj): excarnate, bodiless, unphysical
wiligit (v): unbind, untie, loose
wimersagit (v): disintegrate, scatter, fragment
wimezgit (v):  untangle
wimogaga (n):  weakening
wimogagit (v): disempower, weaken, disable
winebesagit (v): clarify, uncloud, demystify
winebesit (v): uncloud, become clear
winedit (v): untie, unfasten, loosen. winodit
winkit (v): fights, conquers
winkotwei: winnable, conquerable
wipankit (v):  release
wipleka (n): unfolding, development
wiplekagit (v): unfold s.t.
wiplekit (v): unfold
wiprusagit (v): thaw st
wiprusit (v): thaw vi
wira (n):  man
wirei (aj): manly, masculine
wisendosa (n): disassembly, decomposition
wisendosit (v): decompose, disassemble, take apart
wiskutagit (v): skin (st); remove skin from
wismera (n): oblivion, forgetting, amnesia
wismerenosta (n): oblivion
wismeriklei (aj): forgetful
wismerit (v): forget
wismerotwei (aj):  forgettable
wismudagit (v): clean
wisnuba (n):  divorce
wisnubagit (v): makes s.o. divorce
wisnubei (aj): divorced; single; unspoused
wisnubit (v): gets divorced
wisomagit (v): dissimilates, differentiates s.t.
wispera (n): failure
wisperit (v): fail
wistatagit (v): displace, dislocate
wistegit (v):  uncovers
wistigit (v): dismount, climb down
witeksit (v): unbuild, destroy, demolish
witenit (v): give slack, loosen
witerpit (v):  displease
witra (n): glass
witragit (v): glaze
witrei (aj): glassy, vitreous
witremit (v): shake apart, disintegrate
witrokwei (aj): glass-eyed
witruka (n): glazier
wiukwa (n): renunciation
wiukwit (v): renounce, unsay
wiwebit (v): unravel, unweave
wiwenit (v): show dispassion; be apathetic
wiwera (n): doubt
wiweragit (v): makes doubt, troubles
wiwerit (v):  doubt
wiwestit (v): undress
wiwolwit (v): unrolls
wija (n): force, power
wogit: carries
wogna (n): cart, car, wagon, vehicle, train. Alt wogla
wognuka (n): wagoneer
woika (n): house, residence; village, town. see wika
woina (n): war
woinei (aj): martial
woinit (v): make war
woinuka (n): soldier, warrior
woinukagora (n): army, squad, troop
wolkwa (n): wolf. ulkwa
wolkwagora (n): wolfpack
wolwa (n): spin, turn, roll
wolwagit (v): rolls s.t.  Kuklam wolwagit.
wolwit (v): rolls
wonkei (aj): crooked
wonkit (v): goes crooked, bends. wenk
worna (n): color.  see werna, poika
wornagetra (n): colorer
wornagit (v): color s.t.
wornawnei (aj): colorless, achromatic
worta (n): turn; change
wortit (v): turn
wos, woi (pn): you (pl)
wosa (n): garment
wosei (aj):  your
wosit (v): wear, be dressed in
wreja (n): speech
wrejit (v): speak, say
wrida (n): a laugh
wridagit (v): amuse, make laugh
wridit (v): laugh. see sward
wriditsa (n): a giggle

wriditsit (v): giggles
wroikagit (v):  twist something. Vrikagit.
wroikei (aj): crooked, twisted
wroikosta (n): crookedness
wroikuka (n): pervert

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xofera (n): chaufeur

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zxanra (n): kind, genre
zxurnala (n): journal


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